From centuries, different religious people were practicing meditation through mysticism which is mostly used for self-control and get controlled over any physical, mental and spiritual matters till current era. Mostly people are doing meditation as alternate of medication in current time. Actually concept of Meditation is very different as most people perceive. Different religion have different ways of meditation with their holy words or chanting. But its actually a practice through breathing with concentration rather than as most people do it with imagination. Different types of energies exist in human body with radiations or you may be take an example of a photon, which is mass-less and contain energy but we never see it with our eyes. Our soul have many kinds of mysterious energies and secret codes but due to our materialistic attention, we’ve never identified ourselves as an energy not even we try to find ourselves as a super creation of Allah. Some of us compare ourselves with un-realistic things to prove human superiority over other things. Mostly people wants pure connection with God who creates everything and operates the system of universe as a Lord. From thousands of years, people have inherited these methods from their saints or religion. These people cut off themselves from every materialistic things and social commitments and live for Allah only. They want to understand the nature’s language and will of Allah to get close to him.

I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my Soul Mavlana Rumi

I wish to write an example, everything in universe is made from energies and transform into other kind of energy, like sunlight’s energy transforms into electrical power through solar panels and also it gives power to living things  to survive but this energy regularly transforms into different types of energies but never lost its existence.(H2O) water turns into vapours and vapour shower as rain and rain gives life to many living things and also stores in a ponds ,some times water is frozen in form of ice and melts in summers than cycle goes on.


Concentration or Gravitational Force

Concentration is a direction towards single thing as per order. We humans are alive and have balanced our lives and bodies with the help of concentration and we are also doing our routine work with the help of concentration. Major difference between death and live is concentration because the loss of concentration brings us towards sleep and after absence it is declared death. Our blood flow and other organs also work in given direction which is commanded by our brain and the command is called  ” concentrative direction” , construction and destruction is also part of it. we are walking ,talking and doing other activities in single direction, actually my focus is only at the power of concentration.sit back and think once over it, may be you find something new in yourself. All of our religious matters are also attached with concentration ,direction of soul, spirit and body is called prayer and obedience of Allah. Quran tells about (تفکر) which is possible with concentration.

“The happiness of the drop is to die in the river.” Imam Al-Ghazali

In the same way whole universe( cosmos) is balanced and work for life. Energies transforms and travels in it. The single concentration(energy) has made this system alive which is also called gravitational force. read more

The whole universe is contained within a single human being Mavlana Rumi
islamic mysticism
islamic mysticism

Physical Concentration

Physical effort in single direction with energy which makes any act called physical concentration. If we move ourselves from one place to another is also a part of this. Concentration of body is attached with its goal. Religiously, if we are going to pilgrim to our holy city, our physical efforts toward one direction is based on our body concentration. Whole biological movement of human body based on direction which is called flow, our brain handled more than  10,000 works un-consciously of our body and works in single direction.sit back and think….. your eyes blink, hair growth, nails and other organs works and other activities are not possible without physical order. chemistry of human body is balanced by brain without our permission 🙂 only the prudence in life is concentration. this direction is actually given by Allah. I have many live experiences and words for theses type of realities.

Concentration is the root of all higher abilities in the man

Bruce Lee

About Sufi?

Sufi is the man who is always willing to fulfill Allah’s order and accept himself as a slave of Allah. He always feels that his creator is there for the creation and tries to get closer with him. He is humble and is always serving people because he knows that Allah is observing him. Sufis always try to do more as they are commanded by Allah… read more


(islamic mysticism)
Sufi Meditation Sufi Meditation is a central component of Islamic spirituality. Sufi meditation is to make a strong connection between  Allah and sufi. It uses Zikr (chanting) and Muraqba (meditation) to clear the mind and heart of spiritual pollutants. Many of these ancient Sufi masters’ writings were only in Arabic and used terms that were complex and unfamiliar to Western people. Such as TaffakurTadhakkurMuraqabahMuhasabah, Insan Kamel by masters such as Imam Gazalli, Ibn Arabi, Hadrat Abdul Qadir Al-Gilani all the Saints of the Qaderi Sufi Way, who began to open these realities in an easily digestible manner for the sufism audience. Meditation is used for protecting our soul and heart from evilness. Meditation is the only way to keep checks on our beliefs and faith with concentration and spiritual eye,Sufi masters free their minds and heart from fear of everything except Allah and doing prayer with devotion.the whole process is based on concentration and positive belief. Sufi is a true muslim which is obedient to Allah and his Last Prophet Muhammad (s), and never try to make dis-obedience. Main focus is concentration which connects us with Allah and his blessings. if we are countered by negative thoughts and evil forces then how do we get out from it? With the help of Allah and his blessings(meditation) Sufi acknowledge these problems and counter them with different types of ways. When you relate to new people ancient Sufi realities it is must be presented in a context with which they are familiar. For example, western people speak of Chi, which as Muslims we would define as Qudra or Nasma, meaning energies of the body. They used the word Chakra to describe what we call it Lataif, They speak of Breathing, and Sufism is based on the breath Nafas ar-Rahma. They do Yoga which means a series of body movements to approach the Divine. We as Muslims observe Salat, (Prayer)


sufi meditation
sufi meditation

Meditation helps  positive energies and devoting sufis towards prayers and strong beliefs. People who condemn sufism are illiterate due to secular influence in their lives,  that’s why they are unable to understand pure islamic way.

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