The Brutality Of Pagans

The Brutal Pagans
The leaders of pagan tribes decided to torture people within the tribe who started to embraced Islam. They even made plans to slay them. They used different tactics to prevent them from embracing Islam. Many people got injured from their brutality and some of them stayed away from Islam because of this brutality. Some tribe’s leader also confined muslims in private jails.
The pagans of Mecca including children and slaves threw stones at Prophet ﷺ when he used to go pass them and women threw garbage over him but Prophet ﷺ tolerated them and prayed for them and showed good attitude towards non-believers. One day Prophet ﷺ was offering prayers infront of Kaaba and some pagans were sitting beside Him ﷺ . One of them asked other to gather tripe of camel. They arranged the tripe and dumped it over Prophet’s ﷺ when he was in pray(Sajda). Prophet ﷺ unabled to move due to the weight of tripe until His ﷺ daughter came and remove tripe from Him ﷺ
One day Prophetﷺ was giving Dawah to non-believers, after completion Abu Lahab came and started distracting people about Islam. Abu Lahab used to do these types of activities.

The Brutal Blasphemer

The First Speech
(The Prophet’s ﷺ Spouse) Ayesha narrates, one day Prophet’s ﷺ with His ﷺ companions gathered in the count of approx 38, Abu Bakr Siddique asked permission for Dawah in front of some people of Mecca. Soon after he started preaching, the pagans attacked him and started quarrel. Utbah ibn Rabi’ah striked Abu Bakr’s face and Belly. Banu Tamim came to protect Abu Bakr but attackers started to beat them. Abu Bakr got injured to an extent that he fainted. People thought that Abu Bakr died and they announced his death. After sometime Abu Bakr regained his consciousness and his first words were about Prophet’s ﷺ wellness. He asked his mother about The Prophet’s ﷺ health and his situation. She didn’t know but later she found out that The Prophet ﷺ was in Arqam’s house with his companions. Later she also embraced islam. 

The Other Companions
Muslims survived through crucial time which was unbearable for them but they remained steady with Islamic faith and Prophetﷺ. There were so many incidents of brutality and only some of them are stated below:
Sohaib Rumi, who was Prophet’sﷺ companion also became victim of pagan’s brutality. They tortured him horribly that Sohaib became unconscious due to excruciating pain. He wanted to migrate to Madinah and people of Quraysh told him that he can only leave if he had left all the belongings behind, which he did.
Abdullah Ibn Masood was first man who recited verses of Quran loudly in Mecca. The other companion were warned from pagan but he started reciting Surah Rehman. The group of non-believers attacked him and started slapping on his face but he kept on reciting Quran as long as he could. His face was brutally injured by pagans.
Omar Ibn Khitab had a women slave, she embraced Islam and when he came to knew about it, he started brutally beating her. He took a break and said that I stopped beating you not because I have sympathy for you but because I am tired. Then she said Allah will take revenge from you. Omar Ibn Khitab was beating his other women slave. Her name was Zunarah. Abu Jehal also used to beat her and she lost her eye sight gradually due to all this beating. At that time, Omar Ibn Khitab still wasn’t in Islam. He embraced Islam in 5th year of Prophethood.
When Um-e-Obees and Nehdya embraced Islam there were in slavery of non believers and they were physically tortured by him brutally.
On returning from a business trip, Uthman ibn Affan embraced Islam he was a gentleman. His parent uncle brutally tortured him and beats him with stick.
When Zubair Ibn Awam embraced islam his parental uncle beat him and rolled him in a rug and blew smoke on him.

The Christian Scholar Reviews
A christain scholar writes, Muhammadﷺ companions were highly passionate muslims religiously which wasn’t found in the initial followers of Jesus. When people crucified Prophet Jesus over cross then his follower ran away and leave him alone in the tragedy but when Meccan started brutality over Prophet Muhammad ﷺ , his companions didn’t leave him alone and stayed with him till conquest of Mecca and overcame the enemies.

The First Martyr Women
Ammar Ibn Yasir was companion of Prophet ﷺ and was of Banu Makhzum tribe. His parents embraced Islam after him. His father’s name was Yāsir ibn Amir ibn Mālik and his mother was Sumayyah bint Khabbaṭ. Abu Jehal was leader of Makhzum tribe he tortured people of his tribe who embraced Islam. Ammar’s parents were also from same tribe. One day he came to Sumayyah bint Khabbaṭ and began to insult her verbally. Then he killed her by stabbing and implanting her with his spear. At that time Ammar Ibn Yasir was not at home. She was the first martyr woman of Islam. Ammar’s father also passed away due to brutality of pagans.

The Bilal ibn Rabaḥ al-Ḥabashīy (579–641 AD)
Bilal ibn Rabah was from tribe of Banu Jumah which was a clan of Quraysh. He was a slave of Umayyah ibn Khalaf who was a pagan of Mecca. Bilal was already inspired from the message of Prophet ﷺ which was about One God and equality (anti-racism) between humans. Bilal ibn Rabah was an ethiopian (Black). He embraced Islam and his master Umayyah whipped him and beat him until the bloods came out and the he ordered that a hot boulder be placed on Bilal’s chest. However, Bilal remained firm in his belief and continued saying “there is no creator but Allah and Muhammadﷺ is Allah’s Messenger”. The companions of Prophet ﷺ informed Him ﷺ about the brutality. Prophet ﷺ instantly sent Abu Bakr to negotiate for the emancipation of Bilal, Abu Bakr Siddiq took Bilal with him as a free man.

Hamza Ibn Abdul Muttalib
(The Lion Of Allah 570 – 625 أَسَد ٱلله )
Prophet Muhammadﷺ and his companions went to Kaaba and started to preach about Islam and told people were telling about Islam and prohibition of idolatry. People gathered and started to listen. One of the pagan’s leader who was very dominant over Mecca named Omer bin Hasham(Abu Jehal) started to quarrel with Prophetﷺ and His ﷺ companion but situation was changed when Hamza Ibn Abdul Muttalib arrived. He was a influential and powerful man. He hit Abu Jehal’s head with his bow and injured him, Hamza Ibn Muttalib embraced islam in front of him and other pagans. Muslims became more confident in Mecca city after this. Leadership of Mecca at this time was in Hands of tyrants. Hamza Ibn Abdul Mutallib was martyred later in battle of Uhad which was second battle of Islam against pagans of Mecca. Prophet Muhammadﷺ gave him the title of “Syed Of Martyrs” (سَيِّد الشُّهَدَاء).

The Omar Ibn Kitab(584 CE –644 CE)
Omar Ibn Khitab was a very hard bitten non-believer in initial years of Islam. He kept whip in his hand and used it over his wish to beat anyone because he was one of the powerful man in the region. He was a honest and a gentleman. He was from Banu Adi tribe which was clan of Quraysh tribe. Once Prophetﷺ pray infront of Allah

اللهم أعز الإسلام بأحد العمرين
Oh Allah give strength to islam from One of the two Omars
Sword Of
Omar Ibn Khitab

After few day, Omar Ibn Kitab decided to Martyr the Prophet Muhammadﷺ he was going to Prophet’sﷺ house, suddenly a man asked Oh Omar where are you going he replied, today I will kill Muhammadﷺ and eliminate his religion. A person said then how will you protect yourself from the Banu Hashim and children of Banu Zahra. Omar replied, I think you abandoned your religion. a person told that, “I will tell you a better news than mine” he said to Omar that your sister and her husband abandoned their religion and became muslims.
Omar Ibn Kitab reached at sister’s home, Saeed Ibn Zaid (Brother-in-Law) was hiding behind the curtain. Omer said, what are you whispering. At that time both of them were reciting verses of Surah Taha. Omer said you both have abandoned our forefathers religion and he started beating his brother-in-law. Omar’s sister was trying to protect her husband then Omar hit her too. then he said bring me what your were reading. Omer’s sister told him to do ablution first. After Omer Ibn Kitab started to read verses of Surah Taha. The truth made an impact on his heart and then he requested his sister to take him infront of Prophetﷺ to embrace Islam.
When he appeared infront of Prophetﷺ, Prophetﷺ recited some other verses of Quran. After Omar embraced islam, this was a victory for muslims, from that day onwards, muslims started praying infront of Kaaba and started sitting out in open as a group and as individuals in front of Kaaba and no-one dared try to touch them.

The Meccan boycott ( شِعب أبي طالب)
Word of Prophetﷺ won the hearts of people and many people embraced Islam. Pagans were very worried about muslims dominance in Mecca and other regions and they felt if Dawah didn’t stops then they will lose everything. The Meccans decided to write an agreement between them which was a boycott of Prophetﷺ and his companion. They even decided to martyred Prophetﷺ. And anounced anyone from Quraysh, martyred Mohammadﷺ, we will give double the amount of Diya for our satisfaction and its beneficial for you. some point are written below:

  • complete boycott of Banu Hashim include pagans until they will martyr Mohammadﷺ
  • no one will get marry with any men or women of Banu Hashim.
  • Trade are Prohibited with them
  • Banu Hashim were not allowed to come the city or markets for shopping.
  • they should renounce Islam and join paganism
  • no one can meet them and they are not allowed to meet anyone

There were many more points which were written in that agreement. Pagans hanged the agreement over the Kaaba for remembrance publicaly. This was 7th year of Prophethood. Prophet Mohammadﷺ, Abu Talib and other families of Banu Hashim decided to move in the valley, which was called valley of Abu Talib(شِعب أبي طالب). This isolation remained approx 3 years, during these years the situation became very crucial. People were suffering from starvation and many other problems. People of Valley ate leaves and grass for survival. If any caravan came towards them for trading or help during hajj then Abu jehal restricted it and bought all its products and ordered them to raise up all prices which would be too expensive for Banu Hashim. Infants and childrens cried due to starvation but Quraysh didn’t have any mercy for them. Abu Talib kept Prophet Mohammadﷺ safe from pagans.
Allah put mercy in the hearts of some Meccan, one night Hasham Ibn Omer arrived at Zubair Ibn Ummayah’s house and said, Zubair did you like what you are eating, wearing and living lavishly but your relatives are in extreme hardship in valley of Abu Talib. Zubair replied if some one makes `joins with me I will destroy that agreement. Hasham replied, I am with you then both of them met Muttam Ibn Addi and convinced him. Muttam Ibn Addi said to arrange fourth man for completion. These three went to Abu Al-Bakhtari and convinced him. Now alliance of these people was very strong and had great influence in Mecca. Next morning Zubair reached Kaaba and addressed the people of Mecca. “Oh people of Mecca we are living lavish life but Banu Hashim are still in severe problems, they can’t trade or sell anything and this is brutal and inhuman attitude from Quraysh. I am destroy the agreement now”. Abu Jehal shouts and a quarrel began. People took side with Zubair’s group and Muttam Ibn Addi went to Kaaba and destroy the agreement. Zubair and his companions were armed and went to valley of Abu Talib and took Banu Hashim out safely. Banu Hashim came back in Mecca and settled down again. Hasham Ibn Omer and Zubair Ibn Ummayah embraced Islam later.

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