I went to Naran (a hill station in Pakistan) a few months ago, I was stressed in those days due to overworked and fatigue. I couldnt think of any ideas or direction for my future life or work.

Almost my whole life was disturbed at that time and passively I got lonely within myself but not alone. Finally, as soon as I found a way out of this problem, i decided to leave back for home.

One day when I came back from Babusar Pass with my family, I felt very blessed and proud because i achieved a milestone by covering the distance from Sost (Hunza) to Naran in 7 hours with my motivational power. During the journey I saw a flock of sheeps and goats, and i observed something:

The Flock had two shepherds and one dog. One shepherd walked behind the flock and the other at the front. If the shepherd wanted to move the flock he just had to move the first few sheeps and the whole flock followed behind. I observed this quite deeply and thought; why dont the other sheeps resist to move or form their own way and why do they just follow the first One blindly? Maybe because the result would be a disaster.

Let’s read this new!

In 2005 in Turkey, A Suicide Sheep Jumped Off A Cliff And 1500 Sheep Followed The First One read….

Hence, if the flock follows the shepherd without resisting this type of accident would never occur in this world or even in our lives Remember: Life is precious and a one time gift or chance from God.

Let’s continue the journey of wisdom…

When I was at Lulusar Lake suddenly I got stuck in between a flock of Goats and I had a feeling that the whole flock will surround my vehicle or scratch it, actually I got nervous when I saw a huge group being handled by a few shepherds with sticks and kicks. The group of goats was quite expeditious than the sheeps but it was controlled strictly hence, they were able to keep the goats aligned.

After a few minutes I moved towards the Kaghan border with the side view of River Kohnar which was very attractive due to its color and the water was cold even at that time of the summer. My mind was continously overthinking due to a suspicioun I had from the last 4 months.

A beautiful place on earth with beautiful people there and the weather in summer was awesome. In winter the temperature drops as low as -15°C.

At the end of the journey we came back to Kaghan and stayed at the Hotel Dreamworld, a few kilometres away from the hotel I saw a group of horses which was lead by a hostler, suddenly one of the horse came in front of my car and I got scared. However, this time only the man changed his direction and the whole group followed his steps without any sticks or kicks. At this moment I felt a bit different because the leader didn’t use any force or power and those horses changed course automatically. I liked this pattern because it shows the skill of the leader and the training of the horses. I was really impressed and determined by the fact that the hostler and his flock had a good understanding between them.

At last i reached my location and i was actually very tired at that time due to the long drive. I ordered a cup of tea with fries and decided to sit near River Kohanar.

With the hot cup of tea in the cold and calm weather along with the fragrance of roses, my thoughts transformed into a journal that had the direction and creativity needed for it. Words of wisdom or you may say “journey of wisdom” was entering into its final phase with sentiments. At that time I felt myself as a part of every other creation or in other words everything belongs to me or I belong to everything. I felt love in that environment, a love between me and the other creations and I felt as if we are connected together like a single body.

What I realised about Shepherd And Flock?

In Today’s world most of the people are suffering due to their actions, they don’t even know their life direction and are living like a sheep or many of them are like goats (expeditious). They themselves don’t know what they want hence, these kind of people lose their confidence and continue to blindly follow or copy others which leads to them learning many things from others but never practically doing it themselves. Whats the difference between such people and Monkeys?why are they copying others? Why do they behave like sheeps? Why don’t they have any shepherd for direction/guidance? Are you one of them? ..!

why are you ignoring your shepherd (leader) and have started following people like your own self and do you even know the worth of shepherd (leader)?

The value of Shepherd and how he works:

Shepherd is a guard and the teacher of ever single sheep in his flock. He teaches them as to how to keep in a group and save themselves from wolves and how to avoid any accidents. Also, he provides them a shed for a secure life and creates an environment thats healthy for the sheeps. His direction marks the clear and safe path for the sheeps. Not to forget that he love his flock much more than his own life and tries to fulfill their needs.

In real world shepherd is our teacher/parents or anyone who leads us. Actually this is only one part of this definition and the second part is “a person or a system which we are following”. Most of the people can’t even identify their shepherd, which makes them lose quality in life. As Robin Sharma said: “mostly people die at the age of 20 and are buried at the age of 80”. Because they don’t know their direction and become a lab rat for others.

In today’s world we need a person (Shepherd) to transform our life into success. We must act like a horse and silently follow the shepherd unlike the sheeps who follow the other sheeps and not the shepherd.

The strictness of shepherd should be his strategy not punishment. The Question is why does a shepherd punsihes us? Why not with love? Actually his attitude depends on our behaviour, if we are stubborn then he may behave strictly and if we obey his order then he might be linient

The Surprising moment:

In our childhood when we made any mistakes our parent used to teach us in different ways, some parents used shout whereas some of them used to punish their children but only for child’s correction not for their own self esteem.

In school or at any other platform when a teacher/coach give us a punishment, as a result we always improve either as a student or as a player.

In my opinion people should follow a Shepherd (leader) for self-improvement and social achievements but today people dont realise this and behave like a sheep or a goat. A follower of a successful man can be a complete failure but following his teachings must transform the follower into a successful person.

When you’re sitting alone, that time is your shepherd’s Time. But time in this case is a very hard teacher because time never alerts you before acting, you realise after the impact and learn from the results.

I want write an example for those who can’t understand what I want to teach?

A man lost in a dessert can never find the exact path for his destination because he never accepted anyone as a teacher. After a few hours he was hungry and injured but failed to find some food. Next morning, under the scorching heat of sun with the thirst he only had the option to die. Suddenly a man riding a camel was passing by and he belonged to a village nearby. The man shouted for help and thevillager came and rescued him by taking him to the village and saved his life. At that time this villager was a shepherd who guided him towards right way and saved his life..

I suggest my friends and followers to keep reading and sharing my blogs with your family and friends as a good human being. Maybe someone seeking help needs this. Your sharing might save someone’s life.

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