Shaykh Muhammad Nabeel Al-Qadri is writer of this book “Kanz-Ul-Wali” also he wrote many books and this book is written in Urdu language and published in Pakistan ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ year 2017

In early 1900 century there was a saint which was highly practiced Muslim in his region and his name was Hazrat Moulana Shah Wali Muhammad R.a. And his shrine is in Breily,He was grandson (descendent) of first khaliph of Islam hazrat Abu Baker Siddique R.a(spiritual lineage)

Hazrat Moulana Shah Wali Muhammad was settled in India but travel around the globe for sake of Islam.he was belonged from Qaderi Sufi Order and Hanafi School of thought.

Listen his complete biography in Urdu language

In kanz Ul Wali I wrote about his life and practices that how he done all prayers and got a big Title “Mian Huzoor”.

And also I mentioned his Spiritual journey with his Murshid/teacher Hazarat Syed Abdul Qadeer Miya R.a and how he became Wali ullah.(Friend of Allah).

In Kanz-Ul-Wali i write different Quotes from Aulia Allah and also spiritual poetry of Allamah Iqbal R.a For clear my meaning and spotted the light on Mian Huzoor’s biography.

Special words which is worthy in this book is about “how you salutation to your Shaykh” and how to learn and after how to preach in public within the boundaries of Islam.

Today in Sufism some rebels of Islam or Islamic laws claimed himself as a Sufi saint but in this book I condemn them and write strictly about them and try to address Muslims to beware from Fake people and who’s at right path which is pro Islam.

I think you should recommend this book to people ,friends and relatives who want to learn pure kind of Sufism from life of Sufi saints and also for public convenience my team made an android app which is free…..

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