One Breath Sufism

Universe is looking for new travellers of light who are enlightened completely but how does this become possible in this world? This question is common in public like a disease and most of them neglect this concept after a small failure and move towards mindfulness but a same failure is waiting for them in the... Continue Reading →

Homeopathy and Me

The life of elements(homeos) are the life of universe.the active charge and intelligent particles being into different shapes, color and visibility etc through combinations and compositions.when the singularity was died and decomposed then the new compositions took place or re-birth as a universe or time and space.As a elementary and atomic colony, human took place... Continue Reading →

birth of Intellect and Sufis

Today’s world is very intelligent and fast rather than wise. All these things and acts are shifting over to Artificial Intelligence (AI). Many people are trying to enhance their intellectual level through different perspectives. Firstly, we should thank those who made themselves magnificent and wrote about intellectual realm. Aristotle and Plotinus played the most important... Continue Reading →

What is Karma

Welcome again with most interesting topic "what is karma or what is it about?”.In this fast paced world, people have ample time to think about good and bad or pain and pleasure and they are still planning long term strategies. We will discuss karma’s remedy shortly. People complain about different problems and accidents in life.... Continue Reading →

Get Rid Of Anxiety

In the current world Anxiety has become the biggest problem for everyone. Welcome to my blogs and now we are going to discuss the common problems of people. Mostly, people aged 20 to 40 years are suffering from chronic Anxiety disorder many times. In these blogs I'll outline 10 steps for instant cure of anxiety... Continue Reading →

Are We Stars?

My name is Shaykh Muhammad Nabeel Al-Qadri and i am a little Stuart in this scientific universe. I have been researching over different sciences and today my research has moved towards Light and birth process of different creatures. From last 2 years I have researched and studied deep cosmic aspects through different perspectives. Today I... Continue Reading →

The Purification

Sounds good "Soul purity", a bundle of questions will be raised but i think you should instead comment on my sufism blogs. Why should we clean our soul? Our primary work is only for those who want to learn from heart and will to change themselves in better form. People who want to connect with... Continue Reading →

Islamic Reiki Symbols

My name is Shaykh Muhammad Nabeel Qadri and I have been researching over different scientific theories. I am a Sufi practitioner who is currently working on Astrology under the flag of astronomy and its facts. The universe and all living things are based on elements e.g human body is a colony of Approx "seven billion... Continue Reading →

Stephen Hawking about God

I am doing research over different sciences and it's one of my name is Shaykh Nabeel Al Qadri and I am a a days I am working on Sir Stephen Hawking's books. My Student is lived in Canada.he is running an institute which promotes self Development skills in children like Robotics, Chess and... Continue Reading →

Meditation Roots

From centuries, different religious people were practicing meditation through mysticism which is mostly used for self-control and get controlled over any physical, mental and spiritual matters till current era. Mostly people are doing meditation as alternate of medication in current time. Actually concept of Meditation is very different as most people perceive. Different religion have... Continue Reading →

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