The False Prophet Of Qadyan

IntroductionThe founder of Qadianism was Mirza Gulam Ahmed Qadyani.(False Prophet) He was born in 1839 in British India’s province Punjab(Gurdas-Pur). His father’s name was Gulam Murtaza, who was Samerqandi Mughal(Barlas) by cast and by profession he was publisher as well a farmer. He was also involved in Anti-Islamic movements which were led by British imperialism to … Continue reading The False Prophet Of Qadyan

How To Learn and Practice Islam Easily

We are in 21st century with latest technologies and wide exposure. Every minute is busier than the Ants'. People can't realize that how fast their children are growing and getting married early or gone for studies in universities. Everyone has to accelerate their lives with requirements but first they should know about their surroundings, what … Continue reading How To Learn and Practice Islam Easily