What is Karma

Welcome again with most interesting topic "what is karma or what is it about?”.In this fast paced world, people have ample time to think about good and bad or pain and pleasure and they are still planning long term strategies. We will discuss karma’s remedy shortly. People complain about different problems and accidents in life. … Continue reading What is Karma

Get Rid Of Anxiety

In the current world Anxiety has become the biggest problem for everyone. Welcome to my blogs and now we are going to discuss the common problems of people. Mostly, people aged 20 to 40 years are suffering from chronic Anxiety disorder many times. In these blogs I'll outline 10 steps for instant cure of anxiety … Continue reading Get Rid Of Anxiety

Big Bang Exposed

Today’s Blog is very important for those who are researching individually and are confident over their own work as a researcher. Big Bang theory and singularity are still a cup of coffee at the breakfast. Lets start a discussion about Big bang theory from another perspective. Hamlet said "we are in a nutt shell". This … Continue reading Big Bang Exposed

Are We Stars?

My name is Shaykh Muhammad Nabeel Al-Qadri and i am a little Stuart in this scientific universe. I have been researching over different sciences and today my research has moved towards Light and birth process of different creatures. From last 2 years I have researched and studied deep cosmic aspects through different perspectives. Today I … Continue reading Are We Stars?

The Atheist’s God

Hello my readers Today I want to discuss about The Atheist's God. Questions are so irrelevant when it comes to Atheism (non believers ) but mine are 100%. Atheism doesn’t believe in God or good in fact not even satanism or evil because these beliefs should lead by some set of moral values. From this … Continue reading The Atheist’s God

The Purification

Sounds good "Soul purity", a bundle of questions will be raised but i think you should instead comment on my sufism blogs. Why should we clean our soul? Our primary work is only for those who want to learn from heart and will to change themselves in better form. People who want to connect with … Continue reading The Purification

Is Astrology Prohibited In Islam

Islamic Astrology What is Astrology?Astrology is based on Astronomy (Celestial Objects like planets, stars) and their Aspects which are based on radiation and light (Energy) of celestial object which make 0.1- 100 percent impact over other elements and between them specially when they make impact through light (energy).Remember everything in the universe and human body … Continue reading Is Astrology Prohibited In Islam

Reality of Islamophobia

Does islamic terrorism Exists?Today our topic is relevant to "Islamophobia or blame of terrorism "Mostly, ( about islam)people in the wold suffer different types of diseases and disorders which are currently controlled by Medical Science and other faculties of health. In the ancient era people suffered from similar diseases but the causes were not similar. They … Continue reading Reality of Islamophobia

The Reality of Human Evolution-The origin

Now Amphibian theory-Darwinism...Humans made different researches over their origin perhaps there is no final result were fetched by any school of thought rather then hypothetical theories .centuries before people thought that we are created by nature and they declared nature as a god.i think that common people are never thought about human origin because of … Continue reading The Reality of Human Evolution-The origin