This is a brief introduction of my Shaykh, Shaykh Mohammed Nabeel Al-Qaderi Mohammadi, who is an eminent Spiritual scholar, a spectacular writer and a true sufi. Though character of Allah’s friend cannot be explained by common devotee but this short description is to introduce you with Pir Sahab’s teachings and work. Shaykh sahab is currently living in Lahore Pakistan and completed his formal education. His spiritual journey started when he accepted Bayt from his Shaykh Hazrat Maulana Shah Wali Muhammad (R.A) Bareily, India. In his tender age he was blessed with spiritual vision. At the age of twenty Hazrat Usman Ali Hajveri (Data Sahab) (R.A) called him to his shrine and offered him with his apprenticeship and guidance, since then he has spent most of his time in Ziker e Allah (remembrance of Allah), gaining knowledge and practicing Tasawuf. In all his life phases he always maintained a special devotion and love towards Allah and His Rasool ﷺ, a kind of devotion which is not seen normally. This devotion has taken him to Madina Shareef for Faizan-e-Rasool ﷺ, and he has maintain yearly practice to offer his presence at Darbar-e-Risalat ﷺ (Madina tul Munawara). He has travelled to famous Aulia Allah for guidance and trainings He is blessed with Khilafat of 12 major spiritual orders specially(Qadriya, Naqshbandiya, Soharvardiya and Chishtiya) from Hazrat Syed Abdul Rasheed Miyan Hazoor (R.A) and also from Shah Anwar Mehmood Miyan Hazoor (R.A) and have Ijaza’ah from great grandson of Shaykh Abdul Qadri Gillani R.a who is present Shaykh Ul Halqa at Baghdad “Shaykh Syed Muhammad Najeeb Abdul Baqi Al-Gillani He is frequently traveling in different cities of Pakistan and UAE delivering lectures, preaching Islam and Sufism. He is founding member of the Shahwali foundation which is providing livelihood for the needy. He has written many books, one of his renowned book is by the name of Shifa-e-Wali based on Tibb-e-Nabwi ﷺ. Furthermore, magazines are being published by his institute on various Islamic topics regularly. His students and devotees are widely spread over the globe but majority resides in Pakistan, UAE and United Kingdom. Shaykh Sahab’s Khulfa are spreading his teachings and practices in different parts of world. May Allah bless him with his struggle and good work.




(Hasan Mustafah)

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