One Breath Sufism

Universe is looking for new travellers of light who are enlightened completely but how does this become possible in this world? This question is common in public like a disease and most of them neglect this concept after a small failure and move towards mindfulness but a same failure is waiting for them in the state of mindfulness as well. I am one of those who need “nothing ” in my life which is called enlightenment. I am practicing sufism from the last 25 years not only in the city rather over mountains and its peak, valleys, seas, deserts, jungle and many places. I am searching for “nothing. I studied Buddhism and yoga (hinduism) and did all practices of them but from the first day I felt that I have already achieved 9 Jhanas of Buddhism but trying to achieve the last state (Jhana) which is Nirvana with Body which is 4th level of enlightenment in sufism and after accomplishment next 3 level will be enlightened without hassle. This level is achievable through purity. Nirvana with body in Buddhism is like state of Fanna Fi’llah in sufism and Moksha in hinduism.

The One or Oneness
Monk, Yogi, Monies and sufis are looking for The One (creator or God) but most of them start with a created perception which is nearly distraction. I met with some students in last week. I asked a question “who is Allah (The Divine) according to Quran (Islamic Holy Book). One of them said oneness. I replied oneness or The One, he became silent. I told him that Allah is “The One” and one is an entity but oneness is state. If you will achieve oneness then you will feel the essence of  “The One”.
In Quran, Bible and Upanishads concept of The Divine is explained as “The One” but in orthodox Buddhism the concept is same but in different method. Siddhartha Buddha said about The God that God is existent and non existent, in current buddhism there is no concept of God because they are based on perceptions.

The Path
When I was teenager someone guided me in my dreams about sufism and taught me. I started chanting different words and verses from Quran. I felt that behind the word there are sound which change my mental and spiritual state which impacts over my physical body and environment but that time I was not aware of meditation. One day I was reciting “La Illaha illallah” and my eyes was closed that time, suddenly I saw a world, people mountain, rivers and smelt fragrance of flowers and many scenes after few minutes I came back in consciousness and fragrance of flowers were still with me. I think this was my first eye opening experience. I started chanting those words daily and one day comes I saw all scenes with open eyes that time I was happy to see new world around me but its still not satisfying me I want more more and more.

I got married at the age of 22 years and got more purity, but this time I started to visit different sufis, shrines and gatherings for enlightenment and the situation was prolonged to eight years and I got frustrated because of my spiritual state and imitators sufis. They all need supernatural power but I want “The End”. I found signs in meditations but I wanted to discuss them with someone but I was lonely but not alone. I had a Question “Allah is existed but where is he and why does not he help me in this situation” mostly people said you are sinful because you are a human and I replied I am perceptional sinner not absolute. After I had a wish that I want a friendship with my God and I want nothing after this the journey began…

In short now I was busy with myself in deep meditations and Quranic studies and helping the people through available resources. One day I had a thought that I chanting Allah’s name millions time but he never gave me a return in words at that night I was sleeping calmly but suddenly my whole body gets vibrate and from my whole body a heard a sound “Muhammad Nabeel you are my servant”. After this my belief turned factually that the path toward the Divine is inside us not outside. But at that time first time I realised the state of oneness. Next day my friend asked me, what you gain from these practices and I simply replied “myself ” and this becomes possible through concentration and meditation.

“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.”


Times passed by and I was getting more fine and fine in states of meditation, meaning of all practices became wider whenever my realm of knowledge was increased. During this period I met with different Sufis and scholars which was useful for me but I was not feeling self satisfied and my journey was still continued. Times came and I made research over perceptions and perceptional world which was new for me and changed my perspective. Now I want to achieve the state of no perception which will become oneness. It was a hard experience but it took years because purity leads them and I am living in a materialistic world which is impure and where hearts love impious things. It was impossible to keep in oneness 24 hrs but that day I started praying five times and concept of Salah was revealed over my heart. Practical journey from Samadhi/ Dehan (state of meditation) to conceptual Salah took 15 years but now I am satisfied and continue over the path doing both practices according to islamic teachings.
“This is not metaphysics of Aristotle” rather its a Oneness the only state.


Shaykh Muhammad Nabeel Al Qadri

The enlightenment
“The Divine knowledge” or “ilm e Ludni ( علم لدنی)” or “Arahant” or “moksha” or “libration” which is over 4th level of meditation is called completely enlightened which includes no pain, sickness and other problems just peace. But the complete path is defined in sufism (Islam). The enlightenment means “Noor, light and visibility” after this you will never face darkness not in universe nor even in your eyes etc.
I was a student of comparative religion studies and also truth seeker. I read approx all major religions and their concepts. I observed during reading that all religions talks about enlightenment, One God and truth but there was some missing text in that books which is about The enlightened Path and directions and precaution but I found the path in Quran which is Practical and absolute.



The Darkness
When i started the path of truth but lived in darkness maybe its perceptional that time, the darkness which is unexplainable because of Society and people who were materialistic and blindly running for unknown reasons. People were only self conscious and selfish which were around me, everyone had list of wishes and they ignored others for their own self, maybe I am one of them. I ignored my family and friends circle in the name of religious sacrifice for sake of Allah which was my extremism at that time and which was not according to Quran. Just like me people are also doing sacrifices which is actually ignorance for sake of money, fame and etc.
People in darkness are still following their wishes, emotions and feelings not facts. They live in perceptions not present. Most people get anxious after happiness and looking for more pleasure those are extremist because balance is the way of enlightenment and misbalance is the darkness.

New world
Mostly me and my students enjoy every moment of life and breathing because we mostly live in oneness and observe all perceptions which mean approx complete knowledge at that time and our journey is in the lights. “The enlightenment will free you from What, how and why”

This a short introduction of Sufism

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