Homeopathy and Me

The life of elements(homeos) are the life of universe.the active charge and intelligent particles being into different shapes, color and visibility etc through combinations and compositions.when the singularity was died and decomposed then the new compositions took place or re-birth as a universe or time and space.As a elementary and atomic colony, human took place or born thousands of year before to write this blog….maybe.
we humans are the history and representative from universe who are trying to explore their origin and survival for next season..

I was very naughty boy in my childhood and alway believe over practical. Sometime i was injured or burned during experiments or destroy my new wallmart or Disney toys just gor electric motor or for other things.once in 10th Standerd i was burned little bit during chemical practice maybe its due to phosphorus but never give up.
my thoughts are ridiculous in front of medical tycoons even in my circle, i have a short story…
once my father’s car was hitting by truck and me and my father went to garage for repairing.i asked my father that why we don’t get this car in hospital for bandages but he didn’t answer me but i saw a dentor repairs the dent of car through hammer.he heals or repair through wielding(fire) and iron strips but not with any other metal at that time my mind fix a thought that elements repair through same element and that’s why car is in garage and victim is in hospital Oho.
once in my teenage, i was suffering from diarrhoea and i heard that doctor asked my father to give me O.R.S (oral suspension for salts) for feeling better at that time i thought about car repair through same elements.i was smart at that time when i came back to home i drink a one teaspoon salt in water for fast healing or repairing myself because i lost a lot minerals from body, but the result was very bad, i started vomiting and worst diarrhoea.my father took me to doctor and i was feeling ashamed afterwards i was telling him truth about salt but he was very good person he replied me logically “my son salt is sodium chloride and its source is mostly sea and rocks.we human beings have balanced in elements and we need balance quantity for digestion and for healing.sea and rock salts are same elements but different in compositions that’s why intake is prescribe by doctor and rock salts have more active agents rather then sea salt or in easy words its good.” I was impressed and trying to do one question with hesitation which was about tolerant quantity which gives me benefit.he replied that chemist control element’s magnitude through water and other element and make it lighter for human usage like 10mg or 20c etc these are potencies not original form because original form maybe very harmful for us.he asked mostly doctors preferred water for eating medicine because water is friendly agent. he said that the chemist knows the cognitive psychology and body behaviour and then he sets the dosage for you as a human.
after this i was very happy and went home with my father and starts research over herbs, acids and extracts with human body behaviour but its too easy to learn but hard to remember.i was thinking about how to memorise but i fell into sleep.i saw a dream and in my dream I met with a doctor and he said “sun light is life for us and its a spectrum with contain seven colours or seven element in earth’s atmosphere and life began from these rays.the basic element are 7-11 just work on it after the compositions and atomic balance will make you expert but don’t give up”.after i woke up.

Once i made an onion extract and trying to make a new medicine which was for unknown purpose 🙂 but that was my raze.i put some drops of onion extract in small amount of water and trying to control its magnitude through this but i forget my project unfortunately for a week and the bottle was under sun light and my window.after a week i saw it but my experiment turns into fungus. Now i am so disappointed but the challenge was preservation of extract.someone told me about ethanol or alcohol for preservation long time and he also told me to keep dilution in darkness to avoid bacterial growth and also told me about homeopathic remedies. Which is based over elements and I read this as introduction of homeopathy .


“ Homeopathy or homœopathy is a pseudoscientifi system of alternative medicine. It was created in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann. Its practitioners, called homeopaths, believe that a substance that causes symptoms of a disease in healthy people would cure similar symptoms in sick people; this doctrine is called similia similibus curentur, or “like cures like” Homeopathic preparations are termed remedies and are made using homeopathic dilution.”

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