birth of Intellect and Sufis

Today’s world is very intelligent and fast rather than wise. All these things and acts are shifting over to Artificial Intelligence (AI). Many people are trying to enhance their intellectual level through different perspectives. Firstly, we should thank those who made themselves magnificent and wrote about intellectual realm. Aristotle and Plotinus played the most important role for those who didn’t believe in the Divine. Even Al-Farabi, who took inspiration from them, is renowned in western world for his writings which is over intellectual realm. In short, most people have this craze to discover themselves as an Aristotle, Al-Farabi or Stephen Hawking accidentally. Lets move on,

The code of life is written through intelligence which produces intellectual act in result. If we take a start from patterns of elements and its transition, then we should understand that the cause of patterns is universal wisdom, which phantomises through intellectual patterns. In short, realm of Intelligence is a phantom of realm of Wisdom. It’s hard to believe but in future, science will discover this realm of Wisdom. The wise realm is pure and unreachable through intelligence alone but the tendency of wisdom always reaches the intellectual realm. These are two different spheres of energy but wise realm has power to create while intelligent realm is always used as an observation tool. Intelligence is esurient of senses which includes shapes, colour, density and feelings etc. The complete mechanism of senses leads them which means intelligence is not useful but helpful. If patterns or shapes are unformed then intelligence has failed to observe them. If senses are healthy and well-nourished then observation will be critical and not random. The nourishment is based over knowledge and healthy brain. Metaphysics of Aristotle is very helpful for those who didn’t find the truth about brain or its states. Intelligence is one of the states of brain which is not constant but when we achieve wisdom then the wise state remains constant and calm.

Today, I am feeling unwell but I wish to write my wisdom for my students because we keep ourselves pure. It maybe that my reader feels incomplete information in this article but I will complete it as soon as possible.

My question is, why do only human beings have ability for higher intelligence or intellectual acts which produces different aspects of life and invention rather than any other species? The humans are the rulers over the earth through their intelligence and control the system of the earth. It maybe that the human DNA was specially programmed by “Someone” who is not intelligent but He is higher than intellectual realm. This proves that human do not originally belong to earth nor are born accidentally. DNA is a major part of every species but functions and patterns are different from each other. In this universe, the string of intelligence is different but the laws and rules are relevant thus connecting us as One superstring which might be shown to us in 13th or higher dimension as single entity. The whole universe and all species are intellectual or are from intellectual realm which makes them intelligent. Additionally, Atom and sub-atomic particle are also included in personal and common realm’s intellect. In short, my question is, where is intelligence from and what is the higher sphere in energy which produces or creates intelligence?

The Body & Soul

the relationship of body and soul is very difficult to understand because some people negate the reality of soul but many of them also accept this relation as a truth, even Aristotle wrote a complete book ” De Anima ” which is about universal soul and relationship.`Plotinus also logically proves the existence of soul in his book The Enneads.which proves the stronger evidence of soul and matter’s relationship and existence.he writes the formed matter in un-formed consequence which is hard to understand.
I also made short research but I found another aspect of that relationship.intelligence is a mandatory part of the life which begins with a mineral and ends over a human body, maybe its a recycle of matter in different forms.souls is not intelligent rather then wise because souls hasn’t any physical senses just like human body nor any needs.souls is from wise and body is from intelligence.but soul uses its attributes to connect with any body just like human beings.souls are maybe creatures from wise realm which is higher then intelligent realm and come towards low realm for phantom itself in a matter.a very well explanation are ” thought become objects just like carpenter makes a bed from picture or through his creativity but first he creates the bed in his mind and after he will make physically or phantoms his thoughts through object building “. he never give a birth to those things(thoughts and the bed) but he creates them not a part of these things but he shows his excellency in his work. wiser creates the intelligence but not a apart of them rather wiser’s attributes will be shown in his creation.
the bridge between body and souls is attributes and essence of them only.Aristotle divided the soul into 2 states irrational and rational but I think there is a single state of soul in which they changes its spheres low to high vice versa but never change its state.transitions maybe be takes if souls is matter, they should truncate inner rather then outer sphere.

The Sufis
Sufis loves Allah and want to connect with Him through common faculties via different sphere of energies. The Book of Wisdom is The Quran. Allah introduces Himself as the Wise rather than the Intelligent. He loves intelligent people. Quran tells us that when Allah gives the knowledge to His loved ones like Luqman then he becomes wiser and wise man explains the wisdom through intellectual paths.

According to the Quran, Intellect Is used for observation of Allah’s signs which is the higher sphere of intelligence. Sufis recite and research in Quranic verses through wisdom and intelligence and also love to practise Islam through wisdom rather than intellect. Sufis connect themselves through a mechanism of soul (Intuition) or spiritual eyes and travel within this wise realm.

Non-believers always try to find God through intelligence which is why they are unable to find him, reason being The God is not intelligent rather Wise and intelligence is his creation.

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