moulana Shah Wali Muhammad- The Sufi

This is a short biography of Hazrat moulana Shah Sali Muhammad(The Sufi Saint).his mausoleum is in Breily,India.
Shaykh Muhammad Nabeel Al Qadri(One of the Followers) wrote his complete biography in Urdu language, which is known as Kanz Ul Wali.

Shah Wali Muhammad
Qadri Astana

A darvish(Sufi saint) came to the house of Jaan Muhammad Sahib (mureed of Hazrat moulana Abdul Baseer Miyan (R.a) also known as Allah hoo Miyan) in Bareily (India). Dervish(sufi saint) predicted that a child will be born in this house who will be a Wali of Allah(saint) and will be of noble character. Family members offered food to darvesh. The darvesh ate the food and vanished after walking a few steps. Days passed and Hazrat Moulana Shah Wali Muhammad Qadeeri (R.H) was born in this house on a Friday in the month of Rajab in 1912(India).

Moulana Shah Wali Muhammad
Moulana Shah Wali Muhammad

The name Wali Muhammad was given after referring to Quran by the process of Faal. Moulana Shah Wali Muhammad is descendant of Hazrat Abu Bakar Sadiq (RA) and he was Wali(Sufi saint) by birth. Moulana lost his mother when he was only 4 years old and he was then brought up by his father Jaan Muhammad. Even after father’s utmost care and good parenting Moulana, as a child, was in state of tranquility and kept silent most of the time. After noticing uniqueness in Maulana he was taken to a spiritual man. The spiritual man said about the child that he will be a darvesh of his time and will be widely popular.

No doubt these predictions came true of being a Wali(sufi saint) by birth. Moulana was full of knowledge and love for God. He learned his religious knowledge from Hafiz Nabi Baksh. He spent most of his time in prayers and obedience in mosque. Moulana Shah Wali Muhammad performed miracles since childhood. He spent day and night praying in the mosque. He used to stand respectfully with arms around his waist in front of his father. He was blessed with being mureed of Pir Lasani Ghous o zama Hazrat Qibla Syed Molvi Abdul Qadeer Miya. Abdul Qadeer Miya’s Shajra is from Hazrat Syed Abdul Razak jillani fifth son of Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani (RH). Whenever Abdul Qadeer Miya visited Bareily he used to come by Moulana’s place.

The visit of Abdul Qadeer Miya used to be like a ceremony for all his followers. The ceremony used to be full of chanting of Allah hoo. Abdul Qadeer Miya used to stay at Moulana’s house and he started calling him Moulana. Maulana shah wali also learned a lot from Shaykh Laal Badshah who was also descendant of Hazrat Abu Bakar Sadiq (RA). In 1944 Hazrat Abdul Qadeer Miya came to spiritual ceremony of Hazrat Hafiz Shah Jamal. It was a big event. In this event Hazrat Abdul Qadeer Miya clothed Moulana with a black shirt and blessed him with Khilafat (representative, a spiritual caliphate). He hugged Maulana and blessed him with baraka’t and made him complete as Sufi saint(Kaamil). The Chanting of Allah hoo began and Maulana’a popularity of blessing began to spread. Maulana was a physical evidence of teachings and lifestyle of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). He spent his life according to islamic law(shariah). Even though his feet used to get wounded due to long time standing position in prayer, but he never retracted from prayers and obedience until his last breath.

He spread islam‘s word everywhere and number of Ashiq e Rasool (SAW) was increasing due to his preaching. People used to get blessed by him. His door was always open for people. Many people started following him. Allah blessed Moulana with such personality that whoever looked at him became his follower.

Maulana with his fellow student went to forest for meditation (religious and sufi practices). The fellow student asked him to separate the flock of birds and Maulana miraculously did it with his hand gesture and turned back to his meditation. The student asked again to unite them, Maulana waved his hand again and the flock of birds became one flock again. Due to his teachings followers started following Allah and Prophet (SAW). He used to arrange Halka (spiritual gatherings) of Ziker and Naat every Thursday and followers participate in halka for blessings. Maulana’s love took him to Shrine of Hazrat Ali al-Murtaza in Najaf-e-Ashraf, he went to Karbala and then to Baghdad at the shrine of Hazrat Ghous ul Azam shaykh Abdul Qadir Jillani.  He spent few days there and visited many Holy places and shrines. It was his habit to go to different Shrines of blessed people.  

The Last Prophet Muhammad (SAW) blessed him spiritually with position of Qutab.
Mausoleum of The
Shah Wali Muhammad

Maulana has 9 caliphates (nominated representatives). His followers around the world wear his signature black cap. This signature cap was allotted to him in Alm e Ghaib (spiritual jargon, unseen place). He used to pray a lot before bayat(the spiritual oath) of Hazrat Abdul Qadir Miya but after bayat his prayers and obedience increased immensely.  Abdul Qadir Miya also blessed him with spiritual knowledge and a special knowledge which is being transferred from finest form of Sufi Saint. Moulana Shah Wali Muhammad left this world on Wednesday 28 Ramadan 1410 (25th April 1990). His shrine is in Bareily, India. People go there for Baraka’t. His sajjada nasheen (keeper) is present at his shrine and the Khalifas of Silsala Muhammadi Qadeeri are serving all around the world in his cause.

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