Beware from Wolfs

Respected readers today I will tell you a story which will help you safeguard from different demon groups present in this world or in your religion.
Note: This is a short story with silent lesson.

There was a jungle where many tribes of human beings lived together. They loved each other and were obedient of their God. Their Lord blessed them with every need like food, wealth, land etc. The only condition for these blessings was obedience and to follow the best man between them, which was chosen by Lord. The man was pure in character and in attributes and a well wisher for them. One day he came and warned that “our Lord commands us about our safety from pack of wolves, so beware and don’t follow them and keep yourself in tribe’s circle”. People were scared at that time but some of them who felt they were strong, ignored the message.
One day the stronger one was in fields and suddenly an anonymous man approached him with some food. He offered the food to the strong man with smile and asked him about the quality of food. The strong man replied “its better than our tribe’s food.”
Next day tribe’s leader announced that one of them was killed by wolves so stay in your homes and lock your doors. The strong man ignored the message again and went to fields. He felt changes in his body as if he had more energy than the day before. The anonymous man appeared again but this time he bit the strong man. Both of them started fighting and soon after they become tired and took rest. Anonymous man offered food again with an appology. The strong man accepted the appology. Anonymous man started conversing about the lord of thier pack and convinced strong man that the wolves know the real God who is better and stronger than yours and that is the reason your leader got scared and gave false statements. The stronger man got convinced.
One night he felt weekness in his body and started craving for the food which anonymous gave him. In the middle of night he started following the direction and foot steps of anonymous for food. He transformed into a wolf and he approached the pack of wolves. The leader of wolves welcomed graciously by offering food. Now instruction is given to him to bring one man from your tribe for us at daily basis and then food will be given to you and you are now the leader of some wolves which will show your superiority infront of innocent people of the tribe. They started this work and innocent people started to get into this web.

The Lord of innocent tribe became angered and sent a message of punishment through His man (the leader of tribe). Now the wolves present in innocent tribe started propaganda aginst tribe’s belief and faith and convinced them to move towards pack of wolves for superior option. Anyone who hits by wolf are transformed into same species.the group started expanding and started ruling over jungle.

Some innocent people were left and started living in caves and corners of jungle. They started preaching others about tactics of wolves. People after listening to them asked their Lord for apology. The Lord of innocent started to forgive them. The innocent was not much in quanitiy than wolves but they started to hunt them.

The moral of story
Obedience is only way to get-in the paradise. Keep away from satanism and from those people who destructs your faith through prohibited acts and things. We are sufis ” the innocent tribe ” which are disturbed by some wolves who are trying to occupy the jungle.
This is my first experience of story writing and I will improve Insha Allah

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