Big Bang Exposed

Today’s Blog is very important for those who are researching individually and are confident over their own work as a researcher. Big Bang theory and singularity are still a cup of coffee at the breakfast.

Lets start a discussion about Big bang theory from another perspective. Hamlet said “we are in a nutt shell”. This statement seems crazy for those who don’t know about energies and their patterns. Stephen hawking said “the cause of universe is Singularity and there was no cause of Singularity“. I have some Questions which are relevant to the background of the story.

My Questions
If a giant ball of singularity was placed in the space then where did the space come into existence? Is the source of energy in patterns the first cause of singularity and if energy works through patterns then, the concept of singularity is wrong (“do Hen lay eggs in hatchery once or more”?🙂 ). It means more giant objects were present at that time rather than a singular object and time impacted over these object which lead to fusion/explosion. Because motion explains time theory, if there was no space ando the only thing that existed was singularity then is Big bang the cause of space? If the big bang is a cause of dimensions then it means there was no space or vacuum concept present before big bang, which proves 0% space before fusion. Where singularity was placed?

Doctrine of Quantum Mechanics
Do all forms of energy come from big bang or energies were the cause of Big Bang? If all energies are from big bang then it means singularity contained all energies in itself which were released at the time of big bang thats why the universe is expanding even today. Second aspect is, if singularity contains the energy then it was nourished first with them. Then where did the energies come from if not space?Doctrine of Quantum science claimed that “cause of singularity is Quantum Mechanics“. So lets discuss what does quantum energy contains? Quantum energy also contains atomic and sub-atomic particles in it? my question, from where these particles come into being and did it happen before Big Bang or after? if before then where was the origin of elements or quanta waves at that time, if after then how was singularity the only being?

If infinity is leading mass and energies vice versa then who controls it. Because the controller is in intellectual state. These infinite processor never go into the finite pool, also the processor should be immortal and immobilised by rule. These are separate but work through transformation. There are two major infinity points in the whole universe, one is for descends and other is for Ascends. When the single form of energy descends from infinity it transforms into different kinds of energy, and when all energies ascend from infinity they all transform into a single form. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

To The Point

The Holy Quran talks about infinity which is lead by God Almighty. Allah explains the theory of light in Quran chapter 24:35(نور علی نور).its shows c2 or highly purified proves their opinion which will be changed nearly as we see in past.singularity and Big bang theory is connected with high and intellectual spheres of energy and will be connected as a Big Crunch in future.we are living in low sphere of keep researching over these theories.

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