Why do we dream?

My precious readers hopefully you are well, today I want to participate in an unanswered question about universe and take a start with a simple question because, this question is relevant to all humans “why do we dream”. This is my little effort as a Sufi for those who want to learn and know about the truth. This blog shows some short details about this topic, specially for those who are professionals and ambitious. Lets start with two intellectual statements
1.“we are alive through a source of Knowledge rather than food”.
2.”we are intelligent waves who deal with matter and matter is the lowest form of Intelligent wave”.

why do we dream

Types of dreams:
Common perception is that there are many types of dreams, but in reality dream itself is a single Quantum mechanism which displays or converts information into images in our brain then brain processes this in higher level and faculties, after process of unconscious level information store many times in sub-conscious level, this process happens without eyes because we see that moment through an intelligence wave and our many senses work at that time because they are connected with them through forehead neurones, even some people’s body takes real effect over physical body, Questiaton how’s this possible and where do these informational wave come from etc….

Formation of Human Body
Human body is formed through a matter which is the lowest form of intelligent wave. Mostly, human body is formed by billions of atom and each atom contains intelligent waves which are harmonious with each other and get formed in one wave and makes connection with bigger intelligent (Quantum) wave for higher level source of energy. There are many types of nutrients, it depends over different spheres of energy (species). that’s why this wave doesn’t need food instead it lives on Knowledge and provides food towards lower sphere of energy (atomic & sub atomic level). Thats why we sometimes feel real aspect of a dream in physical world or unconciouse level to conscious level. Concentration level shows oneness of body mechanism.
I conducted different researches over the years but I wish that only intelligent people should read it because it is too hard to explain this concept in easier words.


Types of information
Dream contains different types of information, mostly inner waves (low energy sphere) show problems or illness and we perceive it through wisdom and makes distinguish between messages. Sometime outer sphere of energy indicates our oneness from any accident or happening. It depends over purity, sometime we have a dream which is relevant to our future. We should get pure energy to connect with high energy sphere, just like a pure fuel/gasoline.

Connection (Oneness)
Quantum Energy has a single biggest wave in the universe but shows tendency in lower (micro waves) energy spheres may be through quantas. Connection is a two way link purity and impurity changes the level of energy (transformation). All matter contains intelligent waves and connects with pure intelligent wave in high spheres. That is why the life existence in other planets or universe is surely possible but in better form. Justly, study E=mc2 in light of wisdom.

Ending point
I have much detailed information about these types of topics but I don’t have enough time to explain it in detail. If you want more detail and have any question just email me nabeelarifbutt@gmail.com

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