Islamic Reiki Symbols

My name is Shaykh Muhammad Nabeel Qadri and I have been researching over different scientific theories. I am a Sufi practitioner who is currently working on Astrology under the flag of astronomy and its facts. The universe and all living things are based on elements e.g human body is a colony of Approx “seven billion billion billion.” Of this, almost 2/3 is hydrogen, 1/4 is oxygen, and about 1/10 is carbon intellectual atoms. Hydrogen itself had singularity before Big Bang but now it exists in different forms. We are a part of this whole Universe…:)
let move over” The Islamic Reiki Symbols

Today I am here to introduce to you The Islamic Reiki Symbols(meditation ) which help us in this faculty of treatment. I am sure you will also believe in this discovery of mine. These symbols are exactly based on mandatory prayer positions which are blessed.

Mikao Usui discovered some symbols in a deep meditation and he used them for Reiki but some islamic scholars announced Reiki as a haram act saying because “Usui” was a non-muslim, the symbols weren’t relevant to islamic methods, most scholars avoided it with a beautiful sentence “this is a non-islamic treatment that’s why it is HARAM”. I think they should review their opinion first, then consider using Allopathic medicine and other facilities of non-muslims.
Lets move on….

My research over signs and symbols are growing fast over wider aspect, from lower aspect I fetched these details for my muslim Reiki lovers. Some Reiki Symbols are explained below.If you want more explanation please contact me.

Reiki symbol
Symbol: Qayyam(Power)

The first symbol is a stationary position of Qayaam (Prayer) which is relevant with different types of energies and blessing. Benefits: its a Universal Sign and distance symbol, which connects us with a universal Force of energy and is used for Physical benefits, relief from pain and different illness, it makes energy flow in our body, eliminate negative energies and protect us from evil force. Improves concentration and direction of energy in our body. De-stress our nervous system and improve it. It is also used to treat body organs like heart, lungs and liver etc. It gives quick relief from any kind of medical problems.
Chant: Allah-hoo

islamic Reiki symbol

The second position is a Rakku sign. It is also contains attributes of Universal Signs. Benefits of the 2nd sign are very useful and helpful for those who are in depression, anxiety and trauma or in other mental illness. Dealing with calmness, happiness and influenced with first sign. This symbol also helps us in stress handling through love and purity. It helps us to purify our thoughts and heart and connects us with nature through love. There are more than 100+ benefits of this symbol
Chant : Subhana-Rabbi-ul Azeem

sufi Reiki symbol

The third symbol connects us with the supreme one. The only power Allah (Divine). The Special Distance Symbol are full of energy and blessings. It also connects us through Love with Universal Forces and nature.
Chant : Subhana-Rabbi-al-aala

Reiki symbol


The is Fourth sign which contains special benefits in it, its connected with first sign use just like a jet engine. It is mostly used for meditation and connection with the spiritual energy within the universal Force. It also refuels Reiki master and his chakras quickly.
Chant Allah-Allah

For more information don’t feel hesitant, contact me

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