Reality of Islamophobia

Does islamic terrorism Exists?
Today our topic is relevant to “Islamophobia or blame of terrorism 
“Mostly, ( about islam)people in the wold suffer different types of diseases and disorders which are currently controlled by Medical Science and other faculties of health. In the ancient era people suffered from similar diseases but the causes were not similar. They were sickened by different types of phobia like Red Moon, Hally Comet, sun or moon eclipse etc. Even people who lived in London used to fear these concepts and it was a sign of plague.

The Roman prophecies, the “Sibylline Oracles,” spoke of a “great conflagration from the sky, falling to earth,” while the most ancient known mythology, the Babylonian “Epic of Gilgamesh,” described fire, brimstone, and flood with the arrival of a comet. Rabbi Moses Ben Nachman, a Jew living in Spain, wrote of God taking two stars from Khima and throwing them at the earth in order to begin the great flood. Yakut legend in ancient Mongolia called comets “the daughter of the devil,” and warned of destruction, storm and frost, whenever she approaches the earth. Stories associating comets with such terrible imagery are at the base of so many cultures on Earth, and fuel a dread that followed comet sightings throughout history. The name of disease or disorder is “Cometophobia

There were many myths over different phobias in the past but I heard a sentence from Neil deGrasse Tyson an astrophysicist.

“Knowledge Overcomes the Fear”

When i saw his documentary over Cosmos I really like this sentence because I realised the truth in that moment. We often believe random news from unreliable sources. Perhaps mostly people are sick or disturbed mentally because of stress. A very beautiful quote from the philosopher “Bertrand Arthur William Russell”, who wrote a very famous book The History of Western Philosophy. He said in his book

“the Students are very superstitious who are leading in the school which states in the boundary of Church” .

He was right because acquisition of knowledge is impossible in state of superstition or phobias of witchcraft, ghost and etc

In today’s modern world people are suffering more powerful phobias:

  1. Black Cat crossing your path
  2. Bad luck comes in threes
  3. Don’t walk under the ladder
  4. 666
  5. 13 number seat in Aeroplanes
  6. Knock on wood
  7. Care full with that mirror
  8. Eating sweet curd before exam will bring good luck
  9. For fear of evil spirits, nails should not be cut in the night
  10. Drinking cows urine and shits mixture for cancer cure


These are the list of Superstitious phobias in modern era even in first class Educated people. In United States 1.9 million people are in this problem which are reported. Remember the quote of Neil deGrasse Tyso who makes the acquisition of right knowledge from right person in right perspective at right time for yourself to live the actual life perhaps a meaningful life and lifestyle. The Story

Today the 11th phobia which is in my list become one of the biggest problem for whole world either for mentally sick people (suffering from nocebo effect or phobiatic people) in my Dictionary those aren’t permitted. I saw if authorities allowed them, then we should wait for another Christchurch Attack which happened in New Zealand. The killer attacked very brutally like “Call of Duty” and was enjoying his sin gladly and other phobiatic patient now will be armed for next. This is absolutely wrong I condemn this brutality. What is islamophobia as absolute information and who is ISIS? And how people get positive and love each other?

Islamophobia started after 9/11 attack over World trade centre unfortunately Al-Qaida’s leader Usama Bin Ladin owned the whole attack as his victory and afterward the American Army started military operations in 2001 over Afghanistan to dismantle the Terrorist group Al-Qaida. They fought for years but no good was fetched and American Soldiers started suicides.

U.S army attacks over Iraq in 2003 allegation-was the chemical weapons which hadn’t been found in Iraq. This operation was declared by U.S president George W. Bush. First parliamentary election were held in 2005. Iraq was destroyed, they killed the public through mass destruction weapon. They hanged Sir Sadam Hussain who was the president of Iraq in 2011. They killed “Muslims only” why islamophobia?


Islamic organisation ISIS revealed as Islamic caliphate in leadership of Abu Baker Al-Baghdadi. They started brutal assassinations. He was a beast of death for public and Iraqi military. Other Terrorist group joined from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Libya and Nigeria Boko Haram’s group. These Islamic organisations started non-Islamic activities like women trafficking, looted bank, looted gold from mausoleums, weapon selling and ransom etc which is strictly prohibited in Islam and counted as a serious offence. Then president Obama ordered an attack over ISIS in Iraq and after in Syria. In this whole operation “ISIS and U.S killed Muslims only”.

  • 19 March 2011, a multi-state NATO-led coalition began a military intervention in Libya, Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar Gaddafi the great Islamic leader killed over his freedom with many Muslims. This operation had to kill a Muslim leader and his nation by U.S

Story does not End

U.S makes its influence through NATO Which are officially tyrants and work for their own benefits. Today ISIS are active in Syria and other parts of world with different terrorist organisation and still killing only Muslims. I remember the words of George W.bush when he attacked over Afghanistan, he said “this is a Crusade” after he made an apology over his truth. But he never stopped because this is the only mission of secret lobby which operates from U.S through C.I.A, Mossad, RAW MSS and others to eliminate the Islam and Muslim. See video

Who are False Leaders?

Abu Baker Al Baghdadi and Osama bin Ladin, Boko Haram etc. They all are secret Service Agents who were planted and revealed over different platforms and still funded by CIA and secrete agencies and spreads terror with false title “islamic terrorism”  Lets make an analysis.

My Analysis

  1. The common enemy in every operation was “Muslim and islam”
  2. The war was/is between Muslims and Christians
  3. Terrorist and NATO killed “Muslim” one for sake of fabricated Islam and other for sake of Crusade or peace😜
  4. They both fought for Oil or assets which belonged from Muslim and killed them
  5. They both had same weapons (latest) rather then Muslims
  6. The common things between them was Dollar and other assets
  7. U.S started that operation from Afghanistan and when U.S evacuated the region they must leaved Terrorist group behind
  8. The financial and trade benefits took place over the region in shape of international markets and security like G4s still in Iraq
  9. The life and death of leaders were dramatic because Abu Baker had died but they showed his special entry in Syria and Ladin also
  10. They all are mis-interpretation of the Islam worldwide
  • There are many other things in comparison but I think these points are enough for a literate person.
  • What is islamophobia and its solution

Nations of the worlds perceive that Islam is promoting terrorism and suicide bomber was a Muslim that’s why all Muslims are terrorist. Actually U.S and secrete lobbies made a negative perception to perceive which was possible through media or social media specially BBC & CNN. In this case the problems of phobias are diverts and took a new shape as Islamophobia “fear from Islam and Muslim”. In short just study Islam and take its knowledge and say bye to fear. Islam is a religion of peace remember

“knowledge overcomes the fear”

My final words

The balance of power is essential of world. Ottoman empire expended over three continents with Byzantine war and unfortunately many Christians and Jews were killed that time. Today these people are taking revenge from Muslim because the balance of power is in the favour of Christians but remember it will moved soon as law then….


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