Stephen Hawking about God

I am doing research over different sciences and it’s one of my name is Shaykh Nabeel Al Qadri and I am a a days I am working on Sir Stephen Hawking’s books.

My Student is lived in Canada.he is running an institute which promotes self Development skills in children like Robotics, Chess and etc.he is brilliant because of his creative and critical works.he asked me ” Shaykh what kind of gift I send you it’s my wish .i made a challenge for his intellect and said , as you perceive my personality.He sent a book of “Sir Stephen Hawking”which was a good work over Q & A by Hawking’s family.

When I received the book I was very excited over his perception.the title of the book is ” Brief Answers to the Big Questions” which is written by Stephen Hawking.the cover page was chosen over charismatic color scheme ” Dark Blue ” .the title was imprrssd me because it showed his dignity and intellectual  level with wisdom.

I started to read the content list, suddenly I find the most debated topic in the world or most demanding Debate like Big Bang Theory 

” does God Exists ” I felt shocked at that time because the only cause is Divine for the complete universe and its function and this is my faith as a Muslim but I started reading. At the end of the chapter i found his Quote which wasn’t makes any sense and the word which Sir Stephen Hawking stated ” you may say that The laws of science are God or God is a law of science “.at that moment I smiled that Sir hawking may be distracting his student or reader through the wrong perception which showed his agenda But suddenly my next thought, maybe he didn’t want to stop his research over the God because it was hard to define as a fact rather than faith. It may be revealed over Hawking’s intellectual vision.he made a track of intellectual information which puts his followers in struggle and ends over Divine.

From the ancient world to the modern era, mostly people like Plōtinos and Einstein worked over logics but the journey started as a hypothesis first like Black Hole Theory.

unfortunately logician makes there believe blindly over the hypothetical story and investors investing over a picture of truck light which is settled in M87( Virgo constellation) rather in my knowledge it is a truck which was stopped over the traffic signal .logician wants logics over fact but they couldn’t believe blindly like a layman. its shocking to me as a layman that logician couldn’t believe over God rather they could believe over non-existing hypothetical theories with their own perception which is built over human mind with limited education or knowledge written by philosophers .i think people should be practical and they should research over facts rather than big universities mostly students paid fees for learning how to imagine the world with one perspective only rather they even don’t know about other perspectives .a very beautiful Quote by Sir Einstein

“Science without religion is lame & religion without science is blind”

Now I want to return over my topic but first I want to introduce the only cause of Whole universe in opinion of Aristotle “Aristotle conceives of God as an unmoved mover, the primary cause responsible for the shapeliness of motion in the natural order, and as divine nous, the perfect actuality of thought thinking itself, which, as the epitome of substance, exercises its influence on natural beings as their final cause.

The words of Sir Stephen Hawking about Divine is:

” you may said laws of science is God or God is laws of science”.

Please keep focus over these words of Stephen Hawking now the third law of Newton is “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. This third law of motion discovered by Newton but proved by force with motion because law is esurient to force which Newton made for his experiment but Question is who made a motion for this force, Newton or either any ghost.if act was done by Newton then he was an actor at that time rather than only law and he proved third laws or you may say the Newton was a cause of discovering third law😜. I think the law of nature and law in the court or city is made by someone else neither exists by default.its a common sense or true intellectual vision. actor makes act over the laws like a train over the railway lines because the line is laws for train and made by anyone. the only cause of everything is God Almighty which is Stated in Holy Quran.

In my opinion God is an actor and only cause of whole universe and everything and as a Muslim I have a belief system which is over facts not over hypothesis.

I am still working over Physics, Meta-Physics, botany, cosmos and other kind of sciences but not over political science because politics isn’t science as Aristotle said because it hasn’t any branch like medical, military or etc

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