The Check Point

I am here today with a small message for the people who are looking for spiritualism and the ones who want closeness (Qurb) of Allah, a majority of these people is busy in 40-day special practices (Chilla) and self-controlling practices. Also, I expect that general public will listen to this and implement it in their practical lives. Keep one thing in mind that when a person tries to get close with Allah, that itself is a part of spiritualism, this closeness with Allah takes the person towards Allah’s blessings and rewards like Jannah (Paradise) whereas, the remoteness from Allah leads to his anger and punishments like Jahanam (Hell).
Firstly, we need to understand as to how can one get spiritualism with their materialistic acts, because we won’t even need special acts (chilla) as every act of yours will take you closer to Allah and his blessings and rewards. The closer you get the more rewards you get and all this can be called sufism, spiritualism or whatever we name it. Prayers (Dua) of people who are from Saleheen get accepted easily because they are closer to Allah compared to other people. Hazrat Maulana Rumi said that; a Darwaish is like a Sun, its journey doesn’t stop, It keeps moving the way it does so that the whole world gets benefited from it. If a person who is involved in special practices (Chilla) stops the practice for sometime and gets involved in other activities like reading or doing others jobs etc during his free time this won’t lead to decrease in his spiritualism in fact, it will stop his practice right there. Therefore, when a person gets involved in these special practices he will only get a boost in his spiritualism when he is doing that practice. Similarly, moving for sun and constantly being involved in prayers (Ibadat) for Darwaish is their life and connection with Allah. This chapter especially concerns people who are finding the closeness (Qurb) of Allah and are students of sufism, it is very important for them to realise that stopping in this path can destroy them as well e.g. if sun doesn’t set every day and stays at one place it will burn down the whole solar system. Hence, for the sun to exist and the world to run smoothly, sun has to keep moving. To start with, we need to understand that the Prophet Muhammad (s) is the most accepted and the highest ranked creation in front of Allah. Allah has highly ranked the attributes of Prophet Muhammad (s). We need to understand the fact that islam doesn’t appreciate or encourage extremism in fact it promotes the idea of giving fundamental rights to everyone. Therefore, all the orders and advices of Prophet Muhammad (s) which includes gifts like Masnoon Duas (Specific Prayers) are accepted in front of Allah. For instance, if we don’t read the masnoon dua before eating food, it will end our hunger however there won’t be any spiritual benefit, will of Allah and spiritualism involved in this act. Whereas, if we start eating with the name of Allah and end it with a masnoon dua, with every bite we take we will get closeness (Qurb) of Allah which will mark the beginning our spiritual journey. Whatever we do, if we start it with the name of Allah that materialistic act will be converted into a spiritual act as we make Allah a part of it which adds blessings and strength of Allah as well. When we go to sleep there is a special dua prescribed to us by our Prophet Muhammad (s), if we read that dua and offer the Isha prayer, the spiritual journey of that person will carry on until the time of Fajar prayer even when he is asleep because at the start of that act he involved Allah in it. Furthermore, one needs to read the masnoon dua before every act in order to save or boost their spiritualism. For example, when going to the toilet if we read the Masnoon Dua, it will save us from Satan which in turn will prevent evil thoughts from entering our brain.
There is no aspect of turning materialistic acts into spiritual acts in any other religion except islam where all materialistic acts can be converted into spiritual acts. All this will give us spiritual benefits as well as our own motives and aims. Hence, in the 24-hour cycle of spiritual acts the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (s), will help us, even in getting the closeness (Qurb) of Allah. People who ignore the Sunnah of Prophet (s), and prefer the special acts (chilla) their journey gets limited and the ones who don’t spend their 24 hours in the blessings of Allah end up with their spiritual journey being stopped. Thus, people who are students of spiritualism and sufism should add the teachings and Sunnah of Prophet (s), in their daily lives in order to keep their spiritual journey going. They should convert all their materialistic acts into spiritual acts by starting them with the name of Allah and ending with precise Masnoon Dua. For instance, from sitting at home to driving a car if we involve Allah in it we will get closer and closer to him which obviously will take us far away from Satan. This whole concept is exactly what we call spiritualism, all the power and strength belongs to Allah and when someone gets close to Allah, he obviously becomes an accepted person which is why his duas and prayers get accepted quickly compared to normal people. Hence, this is what a journey of Darwesh is like, it keeps going on and on just like the Sun; if it stays at one place it will not only end itself but the whole world as well. Therefore, we should start every act with the name of Allah in order to include him in all our acts and perform every act the way Prophet (s), has told us to. Every act of a sufi, from sleeping to talking, from walking to driving becomes an act of spiritualism. Because whatever Prophet (s), did is accepted near Allah, Allah says in Quran:
وَرَفَعْنَا لَكَ ذِكْرَكَ
And raised high your fame?
Therefore, whoever follows what Prophet (s), said or taught will become the most accepted Sufi, scholar, teacher and student of Sufism. If we read the history of Aulia Allah (Friends of Allah), all of them have followed the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (s), and they have done much more than these practices (Chilla) because the more important thing is the obedience of Prophet (s). Power and strength doesn’t stay inside a human body, we collect and consume it E.g we eat when we have consumed all our power, we sleep when we have consumed all our strength and can’t work more without resting. Allah is eternal and absolute whereas we aren’t because he has all the power, we don’t. Allah doesn’t feel hungry or thirsty we do because we are in a flow of power and life whereas he has all the power.

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