Throughout the history, the Ummah of Prophet PSBH has been given priority and royalties. There was a period of about 1000 years in between where at night no matter how unguarded or dark the roads were, women used to reach there destinations safely without any incidents. At the same time, other religions such as christianity, jewism didn’t have their own laws and regulations instead they used to consider good or bad both based on the word of their King. However, only Allah can decide what a virtue or a sin is, neither can we nor can these Human Right organisations because good can only be told by the one who’s good himself and that’s the creator; Allah who will explain how and why should we do good deeds. Also, bad deeds are outlined by Allah as well. As Allah told about Shar and Khair, he is the creator of the good, bad and the destiny; he will be the one to tell which acts lead to a sin or a bad deed. 


We Muslims have Quran, Laws and the Last Prophet Muhammad (PSBH) and his teachings. Pakistan and other Muslim countries in this region were never forced to give up their faith by NonMuslim powers because they knew if they attack muslims they will get an equivalent response in return. History remains a witness that crusades have never won a war against Muslims, one of the biggest wars; Battle of Kosovo that was fought in the time of Ottoman Empire. Pope gave an open order to all Christians that every single person should gather against muslims in this war but they ended up with a horrific defeat. Why? Because muslims fight for the sake and in obedience of Allah and his Prophet PSBH and to make them happy. Whereas, Christians only fight for the sake of their nation and people and they don’t have a reason to die which is why they forfeit when they are scared or are on the verge of a defeat. 


So, what did they do to break down Muslims?

They conspired in a way to take away our laws from us, because we had Christians, hindus between us they proposed the idea of making a neutral law. The governments were bribed to make a Shariah Court as a formality and originally implement the Non Islamic Laws (Secular Law) which is just like taking away the backbone from a body. They encouraged muslims to read quran and conduct religious meetings but told them not to implement Islamic laws whereas islam is all about its laws. The state of Madina that was made by Prophet Muhammad PSBH was based on Islamic Laws and whereas the state that our Prime Minister is trying to make is based on English Laws which is connecting us to Washington DC and slavery not Madina. Furthermore, the general population is exploited in such situations and their own money is being used against them. The most weird thing out of all this is that Christian scholars say that when Christianity will take over the world which of course will be done by fighting against Muslims, our Christ will show up. The expansion of Christians started by killing muslims and taking away their laws from them, because when Islamic law aren’t implemented the jihad is covered under the name of terrorism, and muslims are told to indulge in Mehfils (Religious Gatherings) and different religious activities except Jihad Bis Saif (with Sword). They are encouraged to do Jihad Bil Qalam (with Pen) and Jihad Bil Maal (with Money) but not Jihad bis Saif (with Sword) and majority of our scholars are following this foolish ideology as well. 

What people don’t understand is that Jihad Bil Qalam leads to the action in future. E.g. Albert Einstein did Jihad Bil Qalam when he went to the US President President Roosevelt in 1939 and told him that I have saved your country because I have discovered the atom. His Jihad Bil Qalam was studying and discovering equations and atoms. At Last US made the nuclear bomb and even used it on Japan so this shows that Jihad Bil Qalam leads to the actual Jihad as whatever gets invented or is studied is implemented in future and gives one country advantage over the others. 


What is Jihad Bil Qalam?

In our schools all the syllabuses are Oxford Board Courses, have we ever heard that urdu based courses are being taught in Oxford University? Or at Princeton, Stanford and UNSW? NO! Therefore, there is no Jihad Bil Qalam in our country, the people are being exploited and their money is being used against them because no one is playing their role. If we only understand the idea of how Islamic laws have been taken away from us we can be successful because when Islamic Laws the backbone is removed from our body how can our faiths stand strong? Literally this is a slap on our face, if the PM wants to make Pakistan a state like Madina the first thing that needs to be done is the implementation of Islamic Laws, ideas and practices. Back then, in Madina; Christians and Jews used to live there with muslims but there was no space for the person who commit blasphemy and now a days the Blasphemers live between us. How can we make this a state like Madina when the people who commit blasphemy live between us? and that too when the state is providing them with protection.

How can such a state be a Civilised State? Consult any book and when you look at Islamic states, Jews and Christians are present within them but there is no place for the one who conducts blasphemy. Therefore, what I mean to say is that we have created problems for our own self as our minds have been brainwashed to the extent that we are told to head out to places for Tableegh instead of focusing on both kind of education and success. 

Our education system is very weak. We haven’t made any nuclear bomb or performed any positive and creative work by reading the daraba yadribu (Basic Arabic) thus this cannot be considered as Ilm-e-Nafe. It is not mandatory to study daraba yadribu to understand the Quran. There are several learned as well as trusted Ulema and Mufasir who have written various Tafaaseer yet they haven’t studied daraba yadribu. I think only selected Ulma are eligible for islamic studies or for Dawah but mostly people are doing islamic courses for making easy money which comes from public funds. There is no check and balance over them and thats why these people have distorted our nation and society, especially illiterate people are victims of their ideology.

Therefore, it is important to understand that our educational quality is of the standard that once a student  islamic studies graduates from Madrasas, he has no option but to become an Imam of a mosque. He cannot become a scientist or doctor unlike Ibn-e-Sina or Ibn- Khaldoon (The Traveler of Islam). I can mention names of over 1000 people who have studied islamic studies i.e Islamic teachings and have become scientists. Why didn’t they go and sit on the member as imams of mosque? An ordinary person has nothing to do with this. 

Was Hazrat Umar bin Al Khattab an ordinary person? Was Shah Abdul Aziz an ordinary person? No! They know that an ordinary person can govern the ordinary while a correct and fitting person can transform the ordinary into extraordinary thus, they choose the ordinary person. Our education system works in such a way. Here one can become a good Mufasir or Mubaligh but the depressing thing is that he cannot become a good scientist or researcher which can be beneficial for humanity. Along with Islamic teachings, he does not obtain worldly teachings. Islam demands a halal (lawful) earning which is nothing less than worshipping, it helps please Allah. Namaz, Fast and Zakat are all of waste if the earning is not halal. Allah does not accept the worship if you commit fraud with anyone, an orphan or a needy is conducted. 

So basically, the system which they have provided you is unstable. A matter of concern and attention is that a person earns till the age of 50 and he still remains poor yet these politicians spend one year in the parliament and become billionaires. Why don’t we get a magical wand too which we wave and the people sitting here can earn a handful too. Because, secularism wants this as they are aware of the fact that if the common people flourish, who will lift our shoes or wash our cars etc. Therefore, the education system should be changed after which according to me, a betterment will follow. 

Not only Pakistan’s education system, which has been formed 50 years or so ago, the Islamic education system in the world needs to be reformed. Worldly teachings should be infused after which Jihad-bin-Kalam will represent Jihad instead of just becoming the words of a book. Do you know why Christianity today is overpowering all of you? It is because the mobile phones and cars are made and many other kind of technologies by Christians, which shows that they are gaining power through their technology yet you write books after books. Thus, this way they have overpowered and dominated us. 

Even though Allah has given dominance to the Ummah of Last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (saw). This dominance is not only linked to talks because if it was, then Sheikh Chili would have overpowered everyone. This dominance covers all aspects from technology, education, reality. In fact, the entire universe saw Ummat of Hazrat Muhammad (saw) dominate over all systems of the world. In the time of ottomans, people had dominance as they made Madrasa, barracks but at the end when the Shariat, backbone of system era was pulled back, they collapsed and today you can see all their lands in small chunks on the map. 

Therefore, it is important to understand that today Jihad-bis-Saif is linked directly with Jihad-bil-Kalam as the plane is first designed by the pen and later it is constructed and flown. Technology is first written down and later made practical thus you can wonder how important Jihad-bil-Kalam is. We can see Hazrat Muhammad (saw) Ummah’s dominance as we have been directed to play our part during our time in this world rather than wait for Hazrat Esa’s arrival as his arrival time is uncertain. Hazrat Muhammad (saw) Ummah should deliver such an invention which can be further worked upon with time. The brothers who made the first airplane did not simply make a Boeing 777, instead they made a single engine plane which today have been transformed into A380 even much advanced as the technology which was noted down as Jihad-bin-Kalam was worked on to achieve greater feats. The same technology used with B52 ended up throwing an atom bomb on Hiroshima. 


Hence, Islam will be spread through the technologies muslims discover and if we step away from technology it will affect Islam. As The Sheikh al-Islam of the Ottoman Empire, Abdullah Rumî Effendi of Yenişehir and his cabinet gave a Fatwa in the 15th  Century that Press is Haram (forbidden) and it was banned for 250 years approx which hindered the development of Islam and Muslims. Hence, the education system of Islam needs to be changed. Prophet PSBH said; ‘Seeking knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim.’. At that time Islam promotes it.,


Also, there is a difference in knowledge and education. E.g. Knowledge is that there is water in a glass and education is the chemistry of water or how is it made. Therefore, Knowledge is compulsory for everyone as it is important. Even for good and bad deeds it is essential to have the knowledge about bad deeds as well in order to know it’s bad. Education about bad deeds would mean practically doing it which is wrong hence, knowledge about bad deeds would suffice. It is misinterpreted that Islam only encourages to get religious education whereas the Hadith actually guides about the worldly education as well. Religion gives us a Base and we have to create a world on top of it. Islam teaches us to work for the world and the hereafter. The Christian Nuns aren’t allowed to get married, similarly other religions have their restrictions but islam is the only true religion that teaches to work for this world and the hereafter. Majority of people are only focused towards the hereafter and aren’t working on improving in this world. 


Hence, I don’t want my followers (Mureed) to die as illiterate because when you take responsibility of the Mureeds you lead them till the end. When Allah asks me on the Day of Judgement if i shall be going to Jannah, that do you have a request, I will request Allah to forgive all my students and followers and let them enter Jannah (Paradise) with me. At that moment my follower will be the person who follows what I say today and changes himself. I don’t need a bunch of people because if it proves that where ever there are a bunch of people they are right then every year there is a huge gathering of Hindus in Maha Kumbh Mela (India). Are they right? No! Its not about staying in large groups because right (Haq) is not in Large groups its always in Small Groups. You must remember Ghazwa e Badr’s battle ground where the muslims were only 313 and Anti-islamic force were above 1000 and muslims ended up winning. 

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