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 I am running Qadri Sufi Order and now a days I am researching on sufis Cosmos and over world history with the help of my little observatory and library. I want to share my little experiences with you because I think that we have some common issues and when I resolve them, I wish to share the solution with my audience, which might  help someone. Many people follow my solutions and reply with a bundle of thanks.

When I was young; about 23 years old, I had a chance to go to religious lectures which were led by well-known scholars. It was my first time, when i went with my father to someone who was special to him. The scholar also launched his first book in same gathering. Suddenly I saw a person who came on the stage with a protocol with many  known people circled around him. Then he started to deliver a speech, i was fully concentrated with pin drop silence in my heart and brain. There were about 700 people who were there to listen to him. After the speech he un-covered his first book and many big names gave their opinions about his books. I wanted to be like him but how?. Event came to end and dinner was about to start but people leaped towards the stage for the autographs and photographs. At that time I was impressed 100%.
I went back home and started listening to his lectures online and started to read islamic books and gave lectures to my family but couldn’t satisfy myself because I failed to make an accurate speech with religious exposure. Years and years passed but I felt myself as a Zero, but never give up. At that time I had another opportunity but I ignored it. Even an institute offered me a big amount for a single lecture but I focused at my goal. I started to compromise with my health and other social skills. When ever I heard him or view his youtube clips I felt myself as illiterate and disgusting. I started being jealous of him even when anybody talked about him I felt frustrated. One day I went to a book store and bought many books to enhance my knowledge but  this key was useless for me. That scholar was 65 years old and I was only 23 yrs. I felt anxiety and started to abuse him in different ways.i felt jeolusy in myself as a slow poison.i prayed to Allah for the right guidance and asked for repentance because due to worldly competition, my faith stumbled.

One day I saw a dream. There were two windows, one in front of me which was very beautiful and the other one in front of that scholar but a little and faded. I ignored my window and wish for his window scene, suddenly I saw that I have a window which is more beautiful and better scene compare to his window, I turned my face toward my window and view a beautiful view. Then I had a thought why I ignored my window?

That morning I woke up and had a deep thought that God give me a different destiny which is more powerful and useful than others then why am i busy with destiny of others which is useless for me and for others because this destiny was assigned to Mr.Scholar. I started to review my life as to what I lost in these years rather I realized that I missed my friendships and opportunities and other activities which were in my destiny and only for me not for any other person and tried to get the result from other’s destiny which was not for me at any cost. I realized what I had done wrong. Then I retrieved myself from those circumstances. Question is how did i recover? ?

I starting focusing on my life line and routine activities and stopped comparing myself with others, and sold out my books which were not useful for me and rather brought new topics of my interest.i started to find out my abilities as human because Allah blessed every human with unique powers just like his colours which are spread over the whole universe. If my finger prints or eye retina can’t match with any other being then it might be possible that my powers and abilities are also different from others. I went for tourism in mountain ranges and that was the first time I realized I have my own universe in myself with different colours and that first time I was shocked that I have a strong observation compare to other human beings and this universe is also for me and I am one of its shareholders but not owner because I will be buried in it after death and will be the part of the whole universe my mass will be bigger than before.

I felt the presence of a stranger in my mind and its sounds like ” what is this and why or how ” Questions lead me and I started to research over them. I started to love my Question and never give strain to it, just fed them with answers or patience. Remember, reasons give birth to questions and question shall be grown-up completely with the passage of time for better answer or solution. Its an art to make accurate question because if you complete your question, that means you should find your answer or solution for any problem.then I had many questions which had no answers then I keep them like symbolic book and wait for the exact time.

After I left multiple tasking and focused on single task for achievement because when I started to learn that I had many books and targets but none of them useful for me because after reading my focus was distracted and I never achieved success over a single topic. Then I decided to focus on single target for quick achievement and I got simple words, I energized my target with full focus to gain success over it.

The destiny lead me and I started to work on building my character or myself not only at specific task or over the task to achieve, after few month when I felt that I have a strong and powerful character with extra creative thoughts which was process any task with power and wisdom, my minor work automatically converted into my huge success without putting much effort on them.

I went to Baghdad for Islamic conference and spiritual events and met with a person who is regional manager of Pepsi and 3-4 countries are in his range. He told me that he had nothing a year ago and he came here for prayers and was crying and begging to God suddenly when a man called him, “mister why are you crying , your presence is for a purpose now” he replies with pain that he has no job or money to live, he said lets have a walk and this man got him settled in turkey as regional manager of Pepsi over 3-4 countries with big number of salary and facilities

I think destiny choose your destination with conditions of its choice …..

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