Child’s play

The world began with children of the first human because the first human never enjoyed their childhood but the children of the first human couple were luckier and blessed. The responsibility is a sign of growth but the first human couple started feelings of love and care would be for their children. they played and took care of them with the hardship of responsibilities.

I am a father of four children and feeling very blessed when I see them in front of me. usually when my children play with different types of toys and gadgets, at that time I feel my self in their soul because I also played with gadgets in my childhood . One day I was feeling stressed because of reading books for longer hours, I started playing with my son ” Wali “. that time he was playing with his little zoo and was producing different sounds from his mouth. I brought him to my room and tried to talk and play but I felt that he was stubborn and angry at me with a quite smile on his face. I thought that he would enjoy with his father but result was not very good. I thought i should leave him on his own before he starts crying.

Second day, I came back from some work at my home and when I entered he shouted ” papa has arrived hooo hoooo ” at that time he kissed me also hold my finger and went towards my room. I sat down then he asked me” did you bring any toy for me” . i thought that he loves me or loves his needs. After a while i decided that he loves me because i love him but not sure how to show my love, I want to bring all his necessities at time.after while he made a sad face and walkout from room. After dinner I went to my lawn for fresh air alone then I called Wali to play over there but he was busy in gaming I took him into car and went for a long drive. He was also very happy but I felt disturbance in his attitude, I offered pizza, burger and many things but he was lost elsewhere. After ride we went back’s the picture of my beloved son “Muhammad Wali”

He sat on the sofa with his uncle and played with him, I thought why he wasn’t with me. that night I suffered from gastrointestinal infection went to the hospital for treatment, in a few hours I was better and came back home. next morning he comes to me with his Zoo and asked ” what’s happening papa” and he smiled, I saw his smiling face and felt better because everybody was in stress over my illness but a smile-faced Wali was actually a remedy for me. At that time I realized that children are like flowers don’t cut them just enjoying them. He started to see cartoons with me and laughed and I joined his company. The age gap between Wali and his father was no more and we shouted for popcorn and ice cream. I found that I was treating my son as a good father, but not like a mature friend, because friends have a common behavior between them.

I observed some common behavior and living style between me and my children, even they copied my actions, then I realized that the child is similar to a monkey in his specific age, if parents are well educated and they have well etiquette then child must copy them and grow well but if parents are not good enough then don’t try to blame those children. Mind that, surroundings have played the major role to grow our child’s behavior and may be his destiny as well, our relatives also participate in this.

The relationship between children and parents are percipient only, specially with mother because she keeps child 9 months in pregnancy and just feel them after birth child is only identify his/her mother with same attachment even child doesn’t know about his/her father often father put him,but child starts cry, question is why? Because child sense his mother only. if anyone from parents starts feeling a a child’s attitude and needs, the the child must love him.

There are two different types of people, one who plays with Kids for their own satisfaction or just fulfill the formality , another one is playing with kids because kids love them or in other words, one who loves children and some people who are loved by children

Some parents try to educate their children for better future with different types of ideas which are common but some parents try to understand their children’s behavior for their good future. Problem is, we do what we want but we don’t try to know the will of our children.

A child must have a complete right to live and enjoy his life because a soul comes to life in this world only once and after death, that soul will never be given birth again in any materialistic body which is why they should be free to live a lively life. Parents are only the custodians for the a specific time frame, after that the child will become an independent personality in the society. I don’t mean that parents dont have any rights over the child’s life, what i actually mean is that every child has his own life, we just help him grow up. The laws of nature are not different from the religious laws. Just groom your child as your religion commands you.

There are many Rights of children in islam which is appreciatable but some of them are written here. Islam has prohibited muslims to punish his child before age of approx 12 and also strictly prohibited slapping over child’s face rather islam promotes love with children. Islam gives right to children in father’s property and money legelly. Child have complete right to take education and any good skill and parents are restricted to helps his child even knowledge is essential for every muslim men and women. These laws are present in islam’s holy book Quran which every muslim must obeyed them if he want to stay as Muslim. Train your child with islamic laws for his better future. Islam is a Revolution for whole humanity not for any specific community.

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