The Naked Truth

There are so many religions in the world and they are all recognized by their activities and ethics, like religious prayers, fasting events and beliefs; most of them are polytheism and have many kinds of practices. Often different religious communities are present in a single country and have influence among each other. Also most of the people are fundamentalists and a few are extremists when it comes to the religion. Due to strong cultural influences people can not be recognized what they are, people ought to follow state rule but how they become prominent as a religious person. A man which is christian has long hair and wearing jeans trouser with T-shirt, and on the other hand muslim man have same looks than how’s any third person can differentiate between them. Many people or colleagues are attending hindus event ‘holi’ but they don’t have any religious connection with hinduism, all religions are respectful for me, but I have a question if we are Muslim then why we shouldn’t be different from others and why we are attending their religious events and listing to non- religious music like bhajans and etc, which is prohibited in islam. In our school and madrasas teacher told us about islam and difference between other religions, our grandparents were best muslim as compare to us, because at that time there was a islamic courts and system. That system was not in 100% working position but influenced their lives. At that time we had a strong masjid community system which was lead by islamic scholar.
In my childhood, my grandfather’s home was a center for our huge family system, my whole family went there for Eid prayer and for religious event. My grandfather was not an islamic scholar but he had an ability to handle us as a muslim family system which worked more than a scholar or any school. I completed my Quranic recitation in age of 9th year with Qari sahib(Master of Quran’s Recitation). Most people in Pakistan had a trend that time to preach islam in their families and streets or sittings and people around them must listened with pin drop silence. I will tell you the bitter truth.

Muslims had a caliphate system till 1922(Ottoman Empire) which was vast and powerful state in history of world and founded by Usman Khan Ghazi. The spirit of muslim is to implement islamic system over their land even if it is a size of a bedroom flat in Sahara desert. Usman’s grandsons started spreading from a little state to the continents and seas and declared their system as caliphate system which was introduced by Hadarat Abu’ Bakar Siddique who was first caliph of Islam and led by islamic laws. There were many battles held between ottoman army and Europeans and also many of them were crusades, in which christian were defeated by muslims.
In that era European (christians) had a kingship system and state laws made by kings neither by churches nor copied from bible and christain kings fought over their egos and for castles not for acquisition of states because they didn’t have any law for A’man(Peace) which was governed by bible for peaceful world which was already led by muslims in Central Asia through islamic laws but they had a greed for more and more power. Christianity depends on secularism from centuries because they don’t follow laws which were divine.
when they observed the caliphate system’s power, their only survival was that to imposed them over the world and distract muslim from islam for long-lasting survival of Europe and Christianity.
With the passage of time Europeans(christian) made an alliance with some muslim rebels which was fired from state and Europeans plotted the finest prostitutes in harams of Sultans for their political sake and started secular movements in some muslim states. The mission of muslim rebellion and Christians were same as like wolves. Europeans  completely accomplished in 1922 and the islamic caliphate system ended with new islamic democratic movement ” Wahabism ” which was founded by Muhammad Ibn-e-Abdul Wahab. Caliphate replaced with democracy which is non-islamic act, Lawrence of Arabia(the un-crowned king of arabs) actually he was a part of British Army  as colonel and also democratic spy with sharp abilities.

Thomas Edward Lawrence, CB, DSO (16 August 1888 – 19 May 1935) was a British archaeologist, military officer (colonel), diplomat, and writer. He was renowned for his liaison role during the Sinai and Palestine Campaign and the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire during the First World War.

Muhammad Ibn-e-Abdul Wahab played major role in the falling of Ottoman Empire because for his diplomatic causes and ruled over holy city Makkah with rulers. Ibn Abdul-Wahhab found military protection from the area’s new ruler, Uthman ibn Hamid ibn Muammar. The alliance foreshadowed Ibn Abd al-Wahhab’s later partnership with state’s king, and it brought Ibn Abd al-Wahhab new power and influence. A person who served as a spy in Britain known as hampher who started Wahabism with Muhammad Ibne Abdul Wahab.
Muhammad Ibn-e- Abdul Wahab(Founder of Wahabism (1703–1792)

From his memories
Hempher, only one of the thousands of male and female agents employed and sent forth to all countries by this ministry, entrapped a person named Muhammad of Najd in Basra, misled him for several years, and caused him to establish the sect called Wahhâbî. Hempher is a British missioner who was assigned the task of carrying on espionage activities in Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Hijaz and in Istanbul, the center of the (Islamic) caliphate, misleading Muslims and serving Christianity, by means of the Ministry of British Commonwealth of Nations. read more.

Now the project is accomplished by Britains and Europeans( Christian) with the help of muslim rebels and the whole islamic world convert into secularism and the the result is, islam is a minor religion in islamic state because state have its own law and islamic laws are not applicable to apply because of international conspiracies or christianity influence of secularism.
secularism is not any proper law from laws book, in my opinion secularism is a political conspiracy against public benefits and fundamental rights.

Just Listen

Just listen to islam and adopt it completely and settle it in your heart with practice.we muslims are suffering from slow poison of secularism which is made by human to rule over humans. This system will take us towards communism, if we obeyed it from our hearts, i mean just follow the laws not adore the system, keep the love of Last Prophet Muhammad (s) in our heart and follow his instructions. you are being ruled over your body, heart, house family then you should practicing islam as a practical religion and teaching the islamic laws and rules to your generations for sake of Allah. personalised your life with islamic rules and laws and also follow the state’s  law for survival.


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