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Billions of people have died with their faiths and beliefs in the previous centuries, many religious scriptures and man made gods disappeared with the passage of time or transformed into new faiths and concepts.
Many people neither tried to find the true religion nor tried to acknowledge others because every religion has its restrictions and punishments when you leave it to adopt any other religion. The Question is, how can find the accurate religion for ourselves and our generations which is from The Divine Power (Allah). If we’re accomplished to find GOD before his religion and his complete characteristics than we will never find a precise and true religion for us and we will die even before death comes because religion gives us a path to live in a way which leads towards a successful life and death. The question here is what is a succesful death? Successful death means ” living life as a successful person and to die with a satisfaction of success”. People die with their dreams not their success because success also transforms into further success and becomes immortal.
Thomas Edison was an inventor of different things. He is credited with developing many devices in fields such as electric power generation, mass communication, sound recording, and motion pictures etc. Today, he isnt alive but his success is and that success was not only for him, it was for the whole humanity, this is called transformation of success. Many people and institutes started further research on his work, this is called transformation of a successor who lives in the form of his students. This example is much easier and general for everyone.

Characteristics of religion

In my opinion religion is a complete code of life and it is for the whole humanity not for a specific community and is based on facts not hypothesis. The concept of God (The divine power) leads the religion with belief and faith. There is a holy text from God to his creation which describes ethics, as its major part, holy text revealed by God’s messenger; who is superior than the whole creation and he is also a bridge between mankind and God. Religion has its laws & rules for the humanity and for everything which helps to make a positive religious culture like Islam. Religion is a main connection between humans and God. It stays alive through different prayers and charity works which is ordered by God and his messenger.

Traditional/Geographical Religion

Traditional/Geographical Religions

World is divided into two different groups of religion. First is, traditional religion which is located in belt of most Asian countries. For example, 3000 B.C Indus Vally had a civilisation which is currently known as hinduism and is present in different parts of Asia. They were mostly illiterate and superstitious people. At that time there were some major things, which were the only survival for them like cow and river Indus, they were also scared from different types of things like snakes, tigers, fire and elephants or any other species which were powerful than humans. The king of the tribe was adored by people and the idol of the king was also built to flatter him and was fixed in his temple for some social benefits. With the passage of time people made branches of them and divided them into different cultural gods. Many miles towards the south changes the god but not the nature of belief they have. Even in china, the official religion is Taoism which is ancient and resembles with hinduism in attributes. Taoism also has many gods, most of them are copied from other cultures. These deities are within this universe and themselves are a subject to the Tao. It is also called religion of yin and yang. Taoism does not have a God in the way that the Abrahamic religions do. There is no ‘omnipotent being’ beyond the cosmos, who created and controled the universe. Most of Asian religion believes on re-birth; karma. Often humans had claimed themselves as a god or a false prophet in history e.g. Shree Rajneesh, zoroastrianism and Mirza Gulam Qadyani.

Often people have written many books in order to spend a better life and develop the concept of monotheism but they had failed to proved their relation with God due to their false prophecies.
From Hind onwards there are many concepts of gods and goddesses, many preachers adore spirits and nature like a god just like shintoism. These are stories made by humans in different circumstances and eras.

Lets take a review of the Western and Middle Eastern countries where monotheism has prevailed over centuries. The main religion which promotes monotheism is islam and after it christianity claims to do as well. Abrahamic religions are a ruling over there, but in christianity which is the biggest religion in the world (2.1 billion followers) there is a concept of trinity which condemns monothism in some way or the other. Fact about trinity is that Christians claim Jesus as a son of god which is not more than a hypothesis in my opinion, because the concept of God is pro-immortal which means it never dies. In physics, anything which takes birth, has a certain will of death whereas God is free from these conditions (birth & death) and is  immortal. Children have same attributes like their parents because of the genetics, if jesus was a son of God then why was he brought as victim of injustice and helplessness (belief of Christians). If you see the simple definition of God: “the creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the supreme being.”

Religious World Map

Then why couldn’t god save his son from the Atrocitues of people, I think after Jesus (PBUH) was lifted from this world, hypocrites changed the holy scriptures for their benefits and wrote what they wanted as I mentioned in my previous blog (click to visit). Many people argued with the missionories and Christian scholars but they couldn’t understand it because of their social and financial motives or may be a fear of punishment from the state. I am a fan of Shaykh Ahmed Deedat who had the power to speak against them and unveil the truth of the whole christainity.
I studied about one of the local African religions; “Candomblé, it means to dance in honour of the gods”. Where sins and good deeds are equal. Each person is only required to fulfil his or her destiny to the fullest, regardless of what that is. This is not a free ticket to do whatever you want though; Candomblé teaches that any evil you cause to people will return to you eventually. These are all stories and cultural concepts, and local people try to promote these kind of religions, I don’t know why? 

The Only Religion…

In Abrahamic religions, islam is the last and the true religion which came from Allah (The God). The religion of prophet Abraham (PBUH) reformed by Last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as Islam.
The concept of God is defined by God (Allah) himself in the holy scripture ” Al-Quran ” which was revealed to the Last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through an angel named Gabriel(a.s) and was completed in 27 years.

In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful.
Say: He is Allah, the One!﴾1﴿ Allah, the eternally Besought of all!﴾2﴿ He begetteth not nor was begotten.﴾3﴿ And there is none comparable unto Him.﴾4﴿

Prophethood in islam was revealed to the Last Prophet Muhammad(PBUH). There were many predictions about him in diferent scriptures of Abrahamic Religions and even in other scriptures, every Prophet asked their followers about Last Prophet Muhammad(s) and instructed them, that if they are alive in the era of the Last Prophet they are to follow his instructions and keep faith in him, but most of the preachers changed after their Prophets passed away and started to misguide people. 
Quran said:

Prophet Muhammad'(s) family lineage started from Prophet Abraham and his son Ismail (a.s). Quran the holy text of islam is the only one in its true form and without amendments after its revelation from Allah to Prophet Muhammad (s). Quran has a complete code of universe which is exact and accurate. Many scientists and scholars research on it and often enter islam by saying Shahada.
Islam has complete code of life which includes beliefs, laws, ethics, practices, holy events and all other essentials of life. I think islam is a complete and the only religion which is based on facts and beliefs which are logically admitted by other religious practitioners.
Insha Allah, I will post  “what is islam” in a few days.

Thanks to Allah

After researched, I am  more thankful to Allah and Last Prophet (s) and my love for them has increased more then ever, because Allah gave me birth as a Muslim and the follower of his true messenger.


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