Legends Never Retire From Battlefield-“Roger Sir”

I am a working and a social person, who likes yo indulge in various types of social and welfare works for deserving people. In my opinion needy people have a static condition, I mean poverty, food and other type of needs, are connected with their necessities not with their circumstances. Sometimes a smile is helpful for life, often people don’t like to give a single smile to others just because they don’t know about their sick attitude. There are two type of groups in our society. The First group of people lives for others and rescues them from all difficult conditions. They are constructive and become future legends by setting examples for others. The second group is always defrauding others and have a destructive mind. Lets talk Positive now.

Professional institutes work for a nation with their nationals. They’re helping democrats and establishment in achieving goals for a bright future. A professional man has a complete institute in himself and he is not doing a single job at one time rather he is doing multiple jobs at a time without even knowing. Sometimes he is cooking his food as a cook and driving his own car for his children as a chauffeur. Whereas sometimes he leads a professional assignment as a leader but never realizes his skill. A professional life is not related to a degree only, rather it is related to his activities and surroundings, i think degree helps us to lead an activity as a profession or as a professional.You must know Colonel Harland Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken. His father passed away leaving Sanders to cook and take care of his siblings, he loved to cook anything he could because he was passionate about it, with the passage of time he joined the Army, in the age of 16th and served his nation and national institute. After he retired from U.S Army he got trapped in different problems but at last he resumed his passion of cooking. He took his failures and didn’t just make a lemonade out of it. He made this world a better place. Actually he knew his skill and the intensity he had for it. Thats why he decided finally to pursue his passion as a profession and he created history.The Question is, why didnt he spend his time sitting in a lawn and get depressed which would lead to his death? Because he was a legend, legends live to work, not work to live

Many people aren’t living for success rather they’re living within a success. Muhammad Nabeel
if your profession converts into a passion or your passion becomes your profession then you will never retire from your life, retirement is the death of a profession for any person because its means death of your skills, death of your qualities and death of your wisdom. If you will accept your own retirement as a professional death then you should accept yourself as a slave first. If you were ever energetic in your life then you will never die rather you will transform into another kind of energy. The Last Prophet Muhammad (s) Said “everyday of believer is better then his previous day”. In my opinion, islam is promoting a better lifestyle for muslims in any part of his age, but unfortunately we try to follow western professional rules which were never appreciated. Today west doesnt have a single successful person rather they have successful companies and their owners. They have skills to be a good employee and often muslim states have business resources like oil and gold etc. I am reading many books to improve my lifestyle and knowledge and I have a wish to help humanity. 2 months ago someone came to me and asked that he wants to change his future but he doesnt have enough power or exposure. At that time I asked him about his age, qualification, skills, experiences and also found about his health, wealth and social circle, later I asked to him about some relatives and friend circle. I talked to him for 30 min and during this i noted all the information and told him if all these things couldn’t help you to improve yourself in the age of 30 then you haven’t understood the actual meaning of Power, i told him the definition of power ” which make acts “, these things have a power to change a single day of your life, it means a new successful life starts from that “single day”. Lets acknowledge your power and change your future with it.

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