Temple Of Lóve

The universe and its celestial objects are connected with each other with a special force of gravity and they energize each other. Thats why the system never collapses and illumination is the beauty of them. The color of the universe is spread over the galaxies to another cluster of stars and never stops because of its focus. The life of a star is light and it always travels even after its death and energizes other objects because the dead star never loses its power, it just transforms into a new shape. The whole universe was a single object before the big bang (a big ball) and was alone as a dark energy but when big bang happened, a story of love between single to multiple objects was formed. Illumination of love starts to spread and dark energy starts to disappear and move to another direction. Illumination with gravity is like love of a mother with its children who tries to give them a new life. The mother gave birth to its children and children dont feel any pain at that time, but the difference which makes them beautiful is their orbiting around each other. Now energy is stable between them and it helps them to live with a single breath (energy). Colors are different but their energy is the same in their bodies. They have a spread of different colors with the same type of energy but the difference is only in their powers, some of them are very powerful and some have less power. Everything in the universe even every celestial object like humans etc is connected with the whole universe, “just close your eyes and feel your mass. You feel as if you are the Universe but when you open your eyes, you realise that you are in the Universe.” what is this? just continue readng this and be a part of this love story. Lets have an example From “The story Sun”

Sun is a star which has its own power and huge in size and other celestial bodies around the sun also have a power but it is not enough to be alive, sun has the fuel of more than 7 billion years. The love and connection of sun with other celestial bodies is very lively. With the help of sunlight, other bodies start to illuminate and get a life, actually sun helps these bodies with its own light and sometimes from its radiations and gravitational force. Sunlight travels daily and helps make atmosphere for other obejcts to live. When sunlight touches the earth in order to start a new life cycle daily, its effect is positive for the earth.“Some scientists have wondered if changes in our weather and climate might be linked with short or long term solar cycles. Weather is the current atmospheric conditions, including temperature, rainfall, wind, and humidity for a given area, while climate is the general weather condition over a longer amount of time” and also oxygen cycle and life on earth is due to Sun’s existence. This is possible due to Love of Sun with its family and responsibility . Contribution of life from the Sun is very huge but we never realise it. Why do we never think about this? Because we dont have time for ourselves in this modern Era. Some of us are a complete universe and some of us are a part of the universe, this is the simple answer of the question WHY?.

One breath One Life

The whole universe and everything between them is from one singularity which was created by Allah. We know that we all were actually born from Adam. Connection between humans is like a million connections from one body, like a singularity converted into huge galaxy system as I told you before, the similarity between humans and universe mechanism. Every muslim has faith that Allah made Adam with dry clay which was from a celestial object. This is a sign that we are also part of this universe and after death we will go  back to the clay which was our first form. Now you will find the love between yourself and everything, hopefully!Allah energised the whole universe already for his beloved creation “Humans” and told them in Quran about everything. In love of humans, Allah provides them all facilities like climate, weather, enviorment, seasonal fruits and vegetables etc. Every living thing is given birth from another living thing. Just like a tree from a seed or ice from water you may talk about this transformation of power or “Love” but you don’t talk about its end because energy never dies rather it transforms into another kind.

The Sufi Soul

Sufis are like Sun and followers are like Planets. When a Sufi start meditation, he is charging his soul with the name and blessings of Allah through his heart and concentration, then he amplifies his energy (blessings) towards his followers, with this procedure followers receive energy of faith and wisdom from their shaykh.Shaykh’s love keeps his followers around him which is a sign of safety from evil forces and demon’s attack.Sufis have different ways of practicing their love to Allah like different colours in stars but he has one single energy (faith) which produces different types of sufism practices . Hence, sufis have different types of Tariq’ahs, but all tariq’ahs direct them towards Allah.Sufis never die, they remain alive just like a star’s light, actually they transform into knowledge and wisdom through efforts and always remain alive inside their students and readers with wisdom and Tariq’ah.

The Beginning

Actually how do we know about the temple of love which holds and operates the whole universe and is connected with us through our Lord (Allah). In Quran Allah said, ” I am nearer than your Heart’s duct”. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said to his companions that “Allah lives in thein heart of a believer”.Our heart is a temple of love where Allah lives and the whole universe is connected with us through out heart. Often sufis know these meditations which are used as a transmitters between humans, universe and our Creator.If we stop committing sins intentionally, pray and care about our chastity which makes our heart as a temple where love will be born to make us alive, Af we connect to sufism which is based on Allah’s Love and his obedience.

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